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  1. Anybody notice that these are now available again from Musicians Friend? (minus the tremotone version)
  2. The 2 current flying v's offered by Gibson are NOT doing it for me.... how long am I going to have to wait for a black or white v to be available again? I am not going to pick one up used at 900 bucks in ebay or GC used. ..... oh yeah..preferably rosewood or ebony...not that backed maple shiny stuff.... I don't want my V to look like a Rickenbacker's fret board. and as long as I'm hoping, wishing, thinking... I'd like pickup covers and the optional short vibrato =)
  3. Why can't Epiphone release an ebony casino with a 5 ply or 3 ply black white black pickguard .....grrrrrrr. So simple .....soooooo cool
  4. Did anyone ever purchase any of these and are you still happy with the finish? Anyone have photos to share? Theres one by me on clearance and as an avid casino collector its giving me major g.a.s.... Now if only Long and McQuade only could sell to the US I'd have a black one!
  5. Sweetwater emailed me this morning that the natural ones are in stock!
  6. Yeah I called up all excited until they told me they can't ship to the US. Sounds like an exclusive select manufacture ltd edition run.....
  7. NO WAY! I'm calling this afternoon! ....reaching for credit card.....
  8. funny you mention that. I have a gold Bigsby arriving this week that I plan on installing on my Cherry ltd edition Sheraton. Stay tuned for pix
  9. Question- I just purchased a 62 anniversary reissue Sheraton (cherry no trem). I absolutely love the guitar. This is my first epi with a frequensator tailpiece. Cosmetically it's gorgeous, however I feel like there is absolutely no sustain whatsoever. I am tempted to install a gold bigsby b70. I saw a 66 cherry Sheraton in cherry on line in LA guitar shop and it's stunning. What's the feedback on these tailpieces? Are they functional? Should I just look at e nut and bridge? I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks"
  10. Well I pulled the trigger on an anniversary Sheraton with no trem in cherry. (pix to follow on Tuesday) I own a 61 in royal tan reissue casino.....I have my sights on a natural 62 Sorrento next... . When do you think these will hit the markets? Think we will see any pix from NAMM?
  11. Does anyone have a clue when we can expect the new anniversary epiphones like the 62 Sheraton be available from Sam Ash, Guitar Center, or Musicians Friend? My store credit cards are burning a hole in my pocket!!
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