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  1. One of these got stripped, need to replace. Can anyone help identify the tuner or a similar specked replacement?
  2. Language evolves. Always has always will. Get used to it...
  3. Play a bunch of guitars, in time you'll develop your own opinion on crap or not crap.
  4. Well, I finally had to do it. Enough already. NO MORE EMAIL SPAM from Gibson. What happened? It's overkill,
  5. Well, I did give him all my personal information. Something I did not feel comfortable doing. This was a pretty big leap of faith for me, to trust Henry with my info. After all, I don't know him from Adam. But, I surely love the whole Gibson mystique and all, so I went for it. Then I get this cold rejection from the guy. must admit, my positive impression of the Gibson company has taken negative blow here. At this point Henry has all my info, but I have none of his, except a cold "sorry, not welcome". Edit: added.....> eh, never mind, I don't give a care bout it.
  6. I received a rejection notice from Henry today. I can be a member but I can't post. It's pretty depressing, no reason or anything.
  7. I don't see anything wrong with it either. I must have been on drunk when I wrote that.
  8. I just got this from Gibson in my email... it's so lame, i thought I'd post it here . Gibson advertising sucks big time, if it wasn't for the legacy, I'd barf from this: The Les Paul You Grew Up Loving With all the fat, sweet, snarling Les Paul tone that purists love, the Traditional plays, sounds, and feels like the Les Pauls that today's players grew up loving and lusting after. Taking design and visual cues from the Les Pauls of the '80s and '90s, the Les Paul Traditional starts with a Grade-A mahogany body and adds nine strategically placed traditional weight-relief holes for a
  9. The J-45 is such a great box. It's something that stands the test of time, so much sound to explore and reveal.
  10. well **** a duck! i like the look of that 00, will check one out...thanks!
  11. I have a fancy Gibson j45. It's really nice, in fact too nice. I want to take it out and play in the park and subway, but I can't afford to have it all beat to **** out there. So, I figured I'd pick up an inexpensive Epiphone to serve as my battle ax. But, when I checked into them I found they all have 25.5 in scale fretboards. My Gibson is 24.75. Why doesn't epiphone follow gibson and match the scale length?
  12. Avon Books...sometime back in the 90's , the old 'cut and paste' days
  13. Hey jt, A movie!? no kiddin, I wasn't aware of that either. I just had to put up that book cover as it was my first ever graphic design gig. Hey, by the way.... is my 1996 Buddy Holly J-45 considered a "banner" Gibson? Long live Buddy's music
  14. Do you own one? I would like to see some pictures of this cool looking guitar. Preferably in use, on stage, but any shots will do. Thanks
  15. Now that, is a nice lookin geetar
  16. some of the new fender acoustics have built in electronic tuners. >brillitant!
  17. as much as I want a Gibson JP2, I'm going to have to settle for a little less expensive....like this!
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