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  1. I heard the the VOS that they used on the JP2 has pulverized Jimmy's toe clippings into the solution. Sprayed on it carries his essence. So yeah, I buy them too.
  2. jinx2

    R9 R7 ?

    muchas gracias
  3. jinx2

    R9 R7 ?

    I always see you guys referring to R9's and such....what are these? I don't see them on Gibson's page
  4. try the new vox tv 10" combo amp. it only has 1 knob, at your level that's all you want.
  5. jinx2


    Did anyone see Conan O'Brien's final show? He rocked out a beautiful custom silver burst to close out the show. FREEBIRD featuring Will Ferrell lead vocals, Beck on Dan Electro guitar, Billy Gibbons on Les Paul, James someone, Max Wineberg etc and Neil Young.
  6. jinx2


    The paint job up near the toggle switch, where the neck joins.....looks a bit fakakta, no?
  7. It really can be overwhelming, but for some, 24k is merely a drop in the bucket. In the realm my gods, a $799 worn studio, hammers just as well.
  8. jinx2


    I played an old vintage one of these. The thing was awesome. Had a real nice sagging distortion that I'd never heard before or since.
  9. jinx2

    Best Buy?

    Dropped into Best Buy last night to look for a micro sd card. Their price for a 4GB was $50....way too high. Was disappointed. But then I rounded a corner and stumbled into their music department. Boy was that a surprise. I'll be buying all my gear there from now on. Super cool, laid back sales. No Sam Ash/Manny's Music >desperate, frustrated, burned out, salesmen, haunting the place.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jimmy Page. Keep on Wearing and Tearing
  11. Is this the guitar he used for Houses of The Holy? If so, who out there needs a kidney? cause, I gotta have one, one of the signed ones.
  12. Thread heist... Hey Blackie, you got any more pics of that maple sg in your sig?
  13. that has to be one of most boring bands i've ever seen. absolutely no dynamic other than, "i'm john mayer, look at me looking at myself". barf. oh, and that playing sucks. But....don't pay me no mind....i'm in a horrible mood. cranky
  14. jinx2

    White SG

    hmmm, that thing is badass and that jacket...members only?
  15. Who did more with the blues? Who handled took them further? Jim or Roy?
  16. The DR-212 has a solid spruce top, mahogany neck, back and sides, ivoroid binding on fretboard and body. It sell's for $169. The Roy Orbison sell's for $799. What are we paying extra for? Is it the name and the extras? Will have to see them both and compare.
  17. I've got a Buddy Holly 6 string. The Roy would pair up nice in my collection.
  18. I think I want one... Anyone try one yet? Sound good?
  19. These are my favorites, The Angus and The Beck
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