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  1. I got what you were saying...I got into collecting Les Pauls a few years ago so that's why I've got so many...Out of my 12 I only really use 5 of them on a regular basis...The closest model to his specs they've made I think is that Custom Shop model with the Fishman bridge. The neck profile was unique to that particular guitar....I wouldn't mind getting my hand on one of those Guild Crossroad Double Necks he designed...That thing is pretty badass.
  2. Those are my other 3 Slash Les Pauls...If I have some time tomorrow I'll get a pic of all 4 together.
  3. Nope....It's got the traditional weight relief....you know' date=' the swiss cheese It plays great....I find the neck to be comfortable and I like the new Slash signature pickups.....They're louder than the old Alnico II's used in the previous models..... The only thing I'm not too crazy about is the Slash artwork on the headstock.....I've got three of the other Slash models as well. The V.O.S., the Tobacco Burst Standard (with the same artwork on the headstock....didn't like it then either), and the Custom Shop model with the Fishman bridge....My favorite is still the V.O.S., but this is definitely a sweet guitar.
  4. My Slash AFD Les Paul came in today.
  5. When it comes to country music I like Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, and Travis Tritt.
  6. The Ibanez booth was pretty cool this year...Gibson's booth was...umm...not.
  7. I think it's a good album... It's a straightforward rock album.
  8. Yeah...those are the early NJ series.
  9. Thanks...I haven't been on there much...But yeah...that's why I got my Mockingbird SL....It had all the electronics in there....I had the electronics installed in a different Mockbingbird later on (Neal Moser did it)....There's a lot of interesting sounds you can get with them....Plus....For me that's one of the reasons to get a real BC Rich.
  10. Congrats...that's how I felt when I got mine....I love the way the neck feels on a real BC Rich....Those are Seymour Duncans in your Mockingbird right ?
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