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  1. I'd like them to go back to the original way of making Les Pauls and stop chambering them...I know they did it to make them lighter, but I still prefer a nice weighty old Les Paul to one of the new ones.
  2. I don't get too crazy with the drop tunings all that much anymore....I used to really like tuning down to B, but then I just ended up using a 7 string whenever a song called for that....I stick with either E flat or standard D...Those seem to work well for me.
  3. I'd like one of those '59 Reissues....That would be sweet.
  4. Don't leave man...You're one of the only other people on here I know that also has a Slash Les Paul
  5. They're both cool....I'm in the same boat as maestrovert though....I've got the black one and I'm saving up for a white one.
  6. I like this fiddle....Since I mostly use Les Pauls and I like the Floyd Rose tremolo it's a good match...it also saves you from having to carve up a perfectly good guitar.
  7. My first instrument was saxophone...The only good thing I got out of it was learning how to read music....I wish I could play piano....But I don't think I've got the discipline to learn a new instrument at this point.
  8. Hey R9....Here's a few pics of some of my fiddles: ....I gotta take pics of the rest of em....But there's a few.
  9. You're right...That would have been smarter.
  10. Actually....What you need to do is start using a Les Paul Standard with a Seymour Duncan JB and a Jazz in there...I mean....I already sold you my old 800....LoL -Damien
  11. Not like I singled anyone out....If I did that would be worse....I made a generalized statement....Not saying anybody has to like it or agree with it. -Damien
  12. I personally like the look of it without a pickguard....I think a lot of it has to do with the fact I grew up watching guys like Slash and Zakk Wylde, so I'm used to seeing them without pickguards....But I will admit that if I ever spent the money on a '59 Reissue I'd keep the thing on....You just don't screw with a '59. -Damien
  13. It's not hero worship Bluemoon....I'm just stating information about the band that most people overlook....As for anybody who sits on their *** in a forum talking **** about people like him or anybody else that's actually out there doing something when they've never gone and done anything is pretty weak....I could also care less what people think of my opinions as well....I'm just here saying what I want to say....Just like you.
  14. Yeah...I bought it....And it's great....Most people that have a problem with it are stuck up old men or stupid kids that wouldn't know a good song if it slapped them in the face...GN'R is my favorite band and Slash was the reason I started playing guitar to begin with, but I can still appreciate the album for what it is....I think everyone misses the old GN'R, but I don't think everyone reads album credits either....Axl has always had a lot to do with the songwriting in GN'R...The saddest part about all the people who talk trash about Axl is none of you have gone anywhere with music...You all just sit here and talk out your asses like your opinion means anything to the people you talk about...If half of you could back up your own **** by writing good songs and going out on tour a few times instead of just talking you might be somewhere other than playing in your garage or running your mouths in a chatroom.
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