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  1. Yeah... My biggest issue with most 7 strings is the neck... I've always felt Ibanez was the only company to get that right... Hopefully Gibson did that right.... The EMG's ruin this guitar for me.
  2. I use 7 strings a lot... This one however... No thanks.... I'll stick with my Ibanez 7 strings... The only thing that would make this guitar worth it for me would be a Kahler trem, Floyd Rose style nut, and a set of Blackouts... The thought of the Nickelback guy using this guitar makes me sick.
  3. I'm not really into pedals....I've got 6 on my pedalboard....One of those is an ABY Box for switching between two heads....The others aren't anything too crazy...I've got a Wah, Chorus, Delay, EQ, and Whammy Pedal....The Whammy doesn't get much use.
  4. I like them blank...I think it's because when I was growing up most of the guys I looked up to that played Les Pauls had blank truss rod covers...So it just looks right to me.
  5. LoL....Nice...that Thurman Merman kid from Bad Santa.
  6. Yeah....if you woke up and your butt hurt I'd go get that checked out...You never know what could have happened....Hah !!!
  7. I'd have to agree with CB on this....I personally think both are good for different things...I own 1 Tele...Many LP's...I also think when recording 2 different guitar tracks in the studio a Les Paul and a Tele sound good together....Back with the original lineup of GN'R, Izzy used Tele's quite a bit and the mixed well with Slash's Les Paul.
  8. I like Homz... His threads and comments were always fun to read.
  9. Thanks Thunder....I'm glad you see the stupidity there too....LoL :-
  10. I think the Traditional Pro is pretty cool....I don't see why they put locking tuners on it, but other than that it's cool.
  11. It varies from week to week.... This weekend I started some mods on a few guitars.... Next weekend I've got 2 shows.... But generally I just play guitar while sitting on the couch.... I don't like not playing because I feel when I take long periods off between gigs those shows aren't as good.... When I'm not playing guitar or working on one I like to hang out with a friends.... Have a few drinks.... Nothing exciting at all.
  12. My guitar rig consists of: Marshall Kerry King Signature JCM 800 (For Dirty Sounds) Peavey 6505+ (For Clean Sounds) Two Marshall 1960B Cabinets A six space rack with: Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner Shure ULXS14 Wireless System KORG DTR-1000 Tuner Dunlop DCR-1S Crybaby Rack Wah w/ two controllers Rocktron Hush Super C T.C. Electronic G Major (Used in the effects loop of the 6505+ head to add a nice chorus effect)
  13. I always like what Duff McKagan played during the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine....I also like Geezer Butlers intro to NIB.
  14. I thought about watching....but I just couldn't bring myself to turn on American Idol...even if Slash was on...You can probably find something on YouTube.
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