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  1. +1 I wouldn't use anything but Ernie Ball....I put the Regular Slinkys on my 7 Strings and the Power Slinkys on everything else.
  2. I remember being somewhere around 6 or 7 years old when the video for "Don't Cry" came out...I remember seeing Slash play and thinking "I wanna do that"...A few years later I started playing.
  3. I've got 55...not including basses....built 2...about to build another...all I can say is endorsements are REALLY cool...haha
  4. A little...I learned most of that from figuring out GN'R and Zeppelin songs.
  5. I'd go with you...I already sold my soul already...but it would be amusing.
  6. While I am by no means a conservative Republican, I do like guns and do own a truck. I've been driving a Ford F-150 for the past year and a half.
  7. I posted on there a few times... I find the older guys on this forum much more entertaining...The few I talked to over there were just kinda boring.
  8. Honestly though....I don't mind Guitar Center....The sales guy I work with at the one here down in Hallandale, FL is really good...Actually knows his **** and gives me good deals...But that's just me.
  9. Yeah...but you did post a particular comment made by another person on here... Either way... Nice way of twisting your words around.
  10. Yeah...isn't threatening or talking about killing people grounds for being banned ?
  11. Nothing wrong with killing if you can get away with it...But I wouldn't let him get to you.
  12. They've got some nice gear at the Best Buy's with MI departments....The only problem is the one by my house has a few idiot salesmen...but it could be worse.
  13. Oh...it's quite useful...especially when you end up in a band with a drummer that thinks he's Fred Durst.
  14. Luckily I can block most horrible music from my memory...so yeah...sucks for you though.
  15. 1. Gibson 2. B.C. Rich 3. Moser Custom Shop 4. Ibanez 5. Fernandes
  16. Hmmm....I don't know any "clean" jokes....Eh...oh well.
  17. Nice....I'm about to do that to mine...I'm gonna put some Seymour Duncan's in it.
  18. Nice...did you put normal sized humbuckers in it ?
  19. I've had this happen twice...the first time I pushed him off stage into the pit....The second time I had some little bastard was grabbing on to my leg when I was at the front of the stage, so I bent down and told him to let go....He didn't....I tried to move my leg so maybe he'd get the idea that I wanted him to let go...that didn't work....So I leaned over again and said "Dude...let go or you're not gonna like what happens"...He didn't...So I took my Les Paul Custom off and hit him across the face with it...After we got offstage my old manager told me to come with him and drove me out of town really quick to avoid dealing with the cops...Normally I wouldn't do that to someone but it was one of those "Don't **** with me" kind of nights.
  20. I know....I started out playing bass and I used a Thunderbird because of Nikki Sixx and Twiggy Ramirez....When I switched over to playing guitar full time it made sense to get a Firebird.
  21. Nice Firebird AXE....I've got a white one:
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