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  1. I've got a mutt and a Pug: The pic is a few years old now, but those are my 2 dogs.
  2. Me too...Finally back home with them...Up until 2 nights ago I'd watch DVD's in my apartment.
  3. Yeah...it sucks...I find this place more enjoyable when he's around.
  4. I think Paul Stanley has seen better days:
  5. I always felt that if you're gonna blow your brains out at least do it outside...I feel bad for the poor guy who's gotta clean that up...I can't imagine how hard it is to get those stains out of the carpet.
  6. Notice how disturbingly happy Dave Grohl looks in that pic while the singer for his band has gun in his mouth.
  7. AHHHH !!!!....That scared the **** outta me !!!
  8. Didn't say I did great...but unlike you I've at least made the effort to go out and play in places other than the local bar....there are plenty of junkie losers I do respect that had the balls to not take the ***** way out and kill themselves....I'm not miserable...quite happy actually...I just have a low tolerance for people pathetic enough to take their own life....Oh...and I'm not the only one who made fun of him.
  9. Thanks...I can't take credit for writing that...just the solos they told me to throw in there....came out alright...not bad for 10 minutes in the studio.
  10. It's cool Jesse....I'm just messin' with ya....Dig your music too by the way.
  11. No he probably studied getting his *** kicked by whoever he opened his mouth to.
  12. I never said Florida was a place to go to school...and for your information I've lost quite a bit of weight since high school...I went from a 52 to a 44 in less than a year... so keep talkin'....and no....I don't have to respect anybody that didn't earn it.
  13. No...but I gotta give credit to someone that's funny....even if you don't think they are.
  14. That would be great if it works....
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