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  1. great looking outfit! enjoy.
  2. yes i had it apart. there seems to be no loose or broken wires. i suspect that the last owner did some re-wiring for what ever reason and left it that way. will keep on checking.
  3. thanks for the rely. with the toggle switch in the down position every thing works fine.
  4. cannot post pictures. it tells me this file too big to upload.
  5. i have a 1995 epiphone nighthawk with one toggle switch. all positions work but one, the neck pup when toggle is in the up position. is this normal? it has always been this way.
  6. on my epi 1995 nighthawk with the selector switch at neck position and mini down the neck pickup is dead. all the other selections work ( nine selector positions work)i wander if there is a problem or this is normal? thanks!
  7. great looking guitar! the finish is excellent! congrats. i have a 1995 model that looks quite nice.
  8. i have a 1995 epi nighthawk.
  9. thanks again to all members that replied to this near 71 year old guitar picker!!
  10. i had a gibson 175 in the blond color, i never played it out of the home. i sold it to a gibson guitar collector for twice my cost. i loved the guitar but not the color.the guitar was in pristine condition. i have been playing epip broadways and joe pass models all in sunburst colors. just recentley a bought a heritage 550 sb in color in excellent mint condition. of course i have fender strat's and tel's and a custom g&l asat.1994. i have a total of 18 guitars, just sold two last week a joe pass and a partscaster strat to a local blues rock musician.
  11. here is my gibson herb ellis.
  12. sorry for the long delay. the guitar was the natural color.
  13. i play thru a peavey classic 30 and a roland cube 80
  14. i have done the same thing on a few of my guitars and it worked as kaich0888 had suggested.
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