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  1. Yes thats a very very cruel irony and he wasn,t even the driver.R.I.P
  2. Sounds pretty good,big early lep influence but nice.
  3. This could be a good time for Stewies time machine.
  4. That will be nice when its done . As for the runs and finish are concerned I wouldn,t worry about it,Gibson don,t seen to.
  5. Simple, just go with whatever feels best.Never stay in a band that your not happy with because it will always turn to shite.Bands good or bad are ten a penny so just find another ,even better start your own.
  6. She,s got me covered.I dont even think I could get a E string through the door without being picked up on the radar,but I love her.
  7. Boy or Girl doesn,t matter as long as they are healthy . One thing is fore sure they will lead a charmed and wonderful life.Ive always liked the albino with bright ginger hair look.
  8. What the hell.I think thats what I thought when I first looked at the abomination that is the reverse vee.
  9. Probably the worst glosto for years ,and there have been a few stinkers.Apart from Elvis it was lame to say the least. Considering its roots you would think there would have been at least one big name rock band. The Stones I just dont get it,never have, never will.I wouldn,t even go and see them in pub. Know 3 hrs of Rush would have been a different story In a recent interview Geddy was talking about the possibility of some festivals.Bring it on. [thumbup]
  10. I think the word **** sums him up rather nicely and as for Jonathan Ross is concerned just insert the words [complete and utter ]in front of ****.
  11. I did notice the Dean,very nice.I sore Micheal in Falmouth hear in Cornwall in the UK in april and he was on top form and seemed very at ease with himself,apart from being painfully thin which he has been for few years now[so I dont think theres to much to read into that] he was excellent and put on a fantastic show.
  12. In his prime Pete had to be the coolest rock bass player ever . UFO were a massive influence on me and I still love them today at the age of 49.He does have major drink and health problems these days and I for one really hope he gets sorted out before its to late.Schenker did it so there is hope an I know the two of them are still very close. [thumbup]
  13. I bet you neither are as drunk as Pete Way.
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