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  1. Looking at these 2 models (along with Epiphone Florentine). What can you tell me about them? The 2016 Special is plainer. How do they compare quality wise? I can get a used Special for less than $1300 and supposedly a mint Historic Burst for $1800. Quite a difference in price and both are much lower cost than other models. I don't really want a real expensive one, but rather one that I don't mind taking out of the house. However, a good guitar would be nice.
  2. I have pictures but couldn't get them to load on this forum.
  3. I got it for $1650 so not a killer deal, but I thought pretty good. I am having a new amp built and ended up trading my amp for an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro which is actually fairly nice. but was using just a Vox little battery operated amp. Saw my old amp on Craigslist today so bought it back. My new amp is probably at least a month away. It really made a difference in the sound of the ES 339. It sounds so much better through this amp and my 1 x 12 cab than the little practice amp.
  4. I am excited. I think I got a pretty good deal on a Gingerburst from Sweetwater so jumped at it. Supposed to arrive on Tuesday. Hope I made a good choice. Tell me about yours. This is supposed to be a picture of the actual guitar.
  5. more pictures [/img][/img][/img] [/img][/img]
  6. Luker Tiger head with 1x12 cab Blackstar HT5 head with 2 1x10 cabs Vox DA5 (I leave this at school) but I would really like a Lanilei Fender 57 Mini Twin (for traveling)
  7. That picture makes it look much larger than it is. Each of the logs behind it are between 10 and 12 inches. The cab is 12" wide, 18" long and 17" tall. It is made by Ken Luker (lukerllc.com) of Eugene, Oregon. It is hand wired and hand made pine cabinets. This cab has an Eminence Man o War speaker in it. It comes standard with a Legend 1258 speaker. It sounds very good. So good that I now have to decide what to do with the Blackstar HT-5. Very nice cleans! Ken and his wife are very good to work with. It was packed very well and came with no damage. He can also do it in tolex. It looks great in our log cabin.
  8. [/img][/img] Hand-wired 20 watt amp and a 1x12 cab with a man o war speaker
  9. I know where you can get a 20 watt hand-wired 1x12 combo for $750 + shipping. www.lukerllc.com I will try to post a picture of my head and cab when I can figure out how.
  10. I think my cherry casino is very beautiiful, but I really love my vintage sunburst ES-345 also!
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