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  1. Nice, my 2008 Classic looks a lot like yours. It's funny, not too long ago people here were talking about the Classics like red-headed step children.
  2. "Reform School Girls" starring Wendy O Williams
  3. If the Standard is what you REALLY want, get it.
  4. While on this topic, I must ask.....Is it considered to be "alternate lifestyle-ish" if your guitar has a male name?
  5. I'd give you the full story but I don't want to be a bad influence.
  6. My Tele is named Blondie, and my LP is Uncle Les.
  7. Yup, and I saw them on that tour with GNR and Faith no More.
  8. Are singles or humbuckers a standard size? I want to delve into doing some mods on an old beater guitar that I have at home. I measured the pups that are in there now (don't ask me what brand they are). They were 1.25" wide. I've looked at different sites that sell pups and they don't typically list the dimensions.
  9. Well, that sounds A LOT more believable!
  10. I'm assuming those are used prices? Being that the classic was discontinued in 2008. If used, I think you can beat them down on those prices. I paid around $1800 for my 2008 Classic brand new. EDIT: I just re-read the post. $1600 for a NEW classic seems pretty good.
  11. My LP did not come with one either. A socket w/ a long extension would work fine.
  12. I stand corrected. I'm getting old and have a hard time remembering all those numbers. At least I had the 500T right. :-
  13. I have a 2008 Classic. It is supposedly built to the 1960 specs. It has the thin 60's profile neck. The pups are the 500T and 498T. Gibson has since discontinued them. Mines weighs about 8.5 lbs. Mine seems to stay in tune pretty well.
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