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  1. Thought I'd poke my head in after a few years away. So what you're saying is, in the last 10 years not much has changed? :)
  2. Unbelievable. Ebay rule #1: Always bid at the last few seconds of the auction, never before. If there was a bunch of them $250 is a realistic price.
  3. Anyone else doing this? Some interesting tips in the second lesson, I never would have thought of doing these excercises but they seem to be working.
  4. I've eaten horse tripe in Japan. Tasted unlike anything I've had before but would do again.
  5. Here's a course from Tom Hess on improving playing speed and accuracy. It looks promising, I've learnt something already. It's always good to have more speed in your bag. http://tomhess.net/HowToPlayGuitarFast.aspx I've been away from the guitar for the best part of a year, had a crack at it and my max speed for the first lesson is 76bpm. Have a go and log your progress here :)
  6. Thread is entitled "Saw Slash last night..." not "Who is the most original trailblazing guitarist of today?". Lets save that for another thread shall we? Go and start it, I'd be happy to contribute to the discussion.
  7. Do you have an Amiga? If not that should be your next purchase.
  8. Here's the Rocket Queen solo from the Sydney show;
  9. Have you read his autobiography? I cant recommend it highly enough.
  10. Definitely go and see them if he plays in your neck of the woods :) Myles is an aquited taste but I get it now. edit: September 23rd, Toronto. Do it bro! Tman - you're in for a treat mang. Record the Rocket Queen solo on your phone if you can, I'm kicking myself for not doing it - the highlight of the evening for me.
  11. Buckethead - Population Override Agreed. Ommadawn is essential listening for everyone imo. 10,000 guitars played at once surprisingly (or not) sounds nothing like a guitar.
  12. The show was phenomenal, in a word. The man is at the top of his game, most notable were the many long improvised solos. This was a pleasure to witness as you don't get a feel for his improvisational skills by listening to Guns N Roses albums. I reckon he's the most inimitable player out there. True rock 'n roll royalty who sounded more GnR than "GnR" did the two times they've been to Perth. Wasn't previously much of a Myles Kennedy fan, although that all changed last night. The man can sing and front a band. Tickets were relatively pricey but totally worth it. If you get a chance, go.
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