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  1. Thought I'd poke my head in after a few years away. So what you're saying is, in the last 10 years not much has changed? :)
  2. Clean out your inbox brother!!

  3. A Glen Gould fan!!!!! Right, 5 stars up to a plus on the post and a manly bear hug sent down the computer cables!!

  4. Going by how long I waited, I reckon you've got another 6 months at least.
  5. Thanks for the mojo man, its just life. you know everyone has their struggles and I rather have had this as mine rather than my children on drugs or worse.

    I tell you one thing, after going through this it has certainly made me appreciate the little things in life so much more.

    Thanks for taking the time to give the good thoughts!

  6. Hi mcmurray

    I didn't know you were a Glen Gould fan! I collect recordings of him and if I hear Bach...it must be be Gould!

    I actually got into him through Silence Of The lambs because in the book Hannibal insists the recording he has in his cel must be Glen Gould...

    well I loved (and love) the character of Hannibal so I have him to thank for that lma...

  7. Nice to have someone with vast music theory knowledge. Joaquin

  8. This is a common belief around here but imho a baseless one. Sure, he has a lot of teenage fans, but I doubt they'd make up the majority. I know I'm not a teenager, and bucketbot sure as hell isn't one
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