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  1. Thought I'd poke my head in after a few years away. So what you're saying is, in the last 10 years not much has changed? :)
  2. Going by how long I waited, I reckon you've got another 6 months at least.
  3. This is a common belief around here but imho a baseless one. Sure, he has a lot of teenage fans, but I doubt they'd make up the majority. I know I'm not a teenager, and bucketbot sure as hell isn't one
  4. It turns out that the first 60 Buckethead signature guitars are different to the rest. The differences are the binding and the tuners. I expect the first run to become collectors items with a large price tag in the future. Here's one on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-Buckethead-Les-Paul-First-Production-Baritone-/260617280016#ht_500wt_965 Gibson Produced a limited first run of 60 of these guitars and sent one to various Gibson dealers. The First run of the 60 guitars has two differences from the current Buckethead Les Paul's produced. First it has a different binding. This one features the Gibson custom binding on the front of the guitar. This means it has a (thick) White- (thin) black- (thin) white- (thin) black- (thin) white. The newer production ones have a different 4 ply binding, consisting of a (thick) white- (thick) black- (thin) white- (thin) black. The second difference are the tuners. The first production Buckethead Les Paul's have Grover locking tuners, as stated on the website. The newer ones come with a Shaller, type unmarked locking tuner set. Now THAT is what I call a rare Les Paul :) If you're a collector, that particular example would make a good investment. I must say I'm a little pissed that I didn't get one of the first run instruments, I had my order in pretty much as soon as the guitar was announced.
  5. "Separate Sky" - Buckethead. Am I doing it right?
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