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  1. Well, I just had my first person look at it. He seemed very knowledgeable and said that it is easily an 8 out of 10 considering it's age. He offered me $1600 and I didn't take it. There are 5-6 other people who want to see it in the next few days. I'm holding out for at least $2K. If I get more great, but I'm keeping it if I don't get at least $2K for it. I'm in Lutz, FL (Tampa area) if anyone here is interested. I wish I could play well enough to enjoy it. If I can't keep it, I'd at least like to see it the hands of another Gibson fan. Thanks again for all of your experienced advice and help.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone, I was just wiping her down and looking hard at the condition. For it's age, this thing has to be a solid 8 out of 10. Again, the gold looks a little weathered and there is some belt buckle scratches on the back. Outside of that and two small dings on the back of the neck, I can't see anything wrong with it. The finish on the front looks excellent. Does it look new? No, but for a 30+ year old guitar it looks dang good. I'm thinking about not selling it now and giving it to my daughter when she gets a little older. I'm definitely not letting it go for under $2K. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for your input, I will put some strings on it. Do you have an approximate range of it's value? Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I'm new here and trying to find a value (to sell) my 1975 Les Paul Custom. The serial number is 99216508. Per Gibson it is a 1975 model, made in Nashville (#8?). I got it used when I was in 8th grade (I'm 42 now). It hasn't been played in over 20 years. There are some cosmetic issues with it like some belt buckle scrapes on the back and some nickage on the back of the neck. Also, the pickups and other gold metal parts (brass?) are looking a little aged. I don't have strings on it currently but functionally it has always played great. It is black with the white trim and pearl. Frets and neck are good. Overall outside of some metal discoloration the front of the guitar is in very good condition cosmetically considering the guitar's age. I never got it refinished because I didn't want to hurt the value so everything is original. It comes with the original Gibson hard case which while a little dirty is in very good shape (no scrapes, tears, etc.). Thanks for any input.
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