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  1. It looks nothing like my L2 . The bridge , knobs , pickups , battery cover , and it looks like wood at the back , not graphite . I think you got dudded . Hope it didn't cost you an arm and a leg . rick
  2. There maybe something like this already thought up , but heres what i use to slide the blocks when required . Especially when the strings are in tune and its tight .
  3. HA HA !!! hi there bernd ,There are busier places i agree , but it stays on the page longer , and its good to come here to ponder the silence . THANKS !!!!
  4. Hi there appreciators of steinberg basses and guitars , My L2 E string saddle block ive noticed has small indents through the tightening and loosening of the 2 lock screws that hold the 4 blocks in place . This is to be expected over time and the age of the bass . So whilst doing the intonation and getting it right , i find it moves slightly after ive tightened up the screws due to the surface of the E BLOCK not being smooth . Would lightly sanding the surface of the block be the solution OR simply swapping it with one of the other blocks be the way to go ? Precisely made to fit as they are sanding may not be the way to go ive thought despite the small indents made by the screws . Anyone encountered this minor problem before ?
  5. Hi bernd, Mine too only have a small sticker with "EMG-HB" , so for all i know they could be SS as the bass serial says "sullivan st" which was a very early location of steinberger sound , but i doubt it as it looks original "thumbnail attch" Thats interesting that yours are SS with a resin base . Under that brass plate lurks the mighty pickups wrapped in a paper thin brass layer . It came loose and needed to be stabilised , hence making a slight noise . Id imagine that wouldnt happen with it sealed in resin . And yep it is a bit of a garden gnome forum . rick
  6. Hi ! ive always wanted to ask these questions so anyone who knows , im keen to hear . Ive read that the early L,series basses came out with SS pickups with a brass plate underneath . Then ,,, i believe the HB brass plated one supersede the SS ? Mine has the brass plate with a "HB sticker" attached , and after that the HB pickups had a resin base when the XL series were produced . If the HB superseded the SS (prior to the later resin filled emg,s installed in the XL,s , why do some XL,s have SS pickups ? am i wrong thinking the early SS & HB,s were more sought after than the later resin packed emg,s ? So were the SS,s & HB,s left overs when XL,s were produced ? and they installed those brass plated ones in XL,s as well ? Sorry !!! too many questions here , but not having played a steiny with SS PUPS which of the SS & HB has the more defined sound in anyones opinion eg: definition,clarity,response,with warmth and clean sound ? Incidently ! im over the moon with the sound i get at high and low volumes . Its clean with definition , so i was wondering how much different an SS sound would rate . I hope my quiery makes sense & thanks for your reading time .
  7. Bernd , its a good thing to know for intonation that can be done . In the one i have the blocks have not been changed , as the E block only has the bridge lock screw indents on 1 side . The rest are all smooth . cheers
  8. Hi steiny forum , I was looking at a L2 bass the other day and couldnt help noticing the (blocks) the strings rest on in the saddles were in reverse to what mine are . As L2 owners are aware , there is a POINT where the string rests on with a groove either side(one smaller than the other) . Is there a set rule to how these blocks should face ? and when removed for cleaups etc, should they be returned to the same string & not get mixed up . thanks all; fevitz
  9. Tom i agree , and bob , ill try fret doctor on my other wood necked basses .
  10. Hi be,em my email ; ricksta2011@hotmail.com

    i wasnt sure if you hadit

  11. Hi , i know this sounds like a stupid question and i dont blame anyone who lets me know this , but has anybody tried repairing a graphite chip or a scratch using the wifes or girlfriends UV nail gelcoat under a UV light (black of course)? Ive heard it sets real hard .
  12. love the L2 steinberger . Its compact and p laying it strapped on is easy and comfortable with the pivotal strap brace screwed on the back . the neck took a bit to get used to . Sustain goes forever and the original EMG HB p/ups are clean and warm with a vol controler . Tone is simple and effective .

  13. Hi , ive read that the best way to clean the fretboard of a graphite neck is with WD-40 . I was wondering after this is applied then wiped off , would a lemon oil application be advisable (and also wiped off) prior to putting strings on it ? Ive been using a fret polishing cloth for the gunk build up , then used lemon oil , thoroughly wiped it off after leaving it an hour or so before restringing it . It makes the neck look like a sheet of glass . If anyone has any other tips on cleaning i would be very glad to hear them . thanks !
  14. I had the 4 string synapse . Adjusted the trimpots , changed strings , played around with the svt-3 for hours , just could not get the sound i wanted . Sold it ! bought an 82 L2 , never looked back .
  15. I would like to add , i played last sat nte . I took my stingray LTD and the steinberger . Ive got the ampeg svt 3 + a pair of 4 x 10 cabs . Both basses absolutely nailed it as i swapped over through the night , but the S B got thumbs up for sustain ,warmth, and fret sound consistency . looking forward to it again . rick
  16. Ill get some of these , we have a nuts and bolts outlet here on the gold coast so ill have no problem getting these , and while im at it i also need an allen key for the the 3 screws on the top of the bridge . They have those as well . thanks again cheers rick
  17. BERND , THANK YOU ! Im going to have these put in as ive noticed a slight drag when ive had on the rare occasion to check tuning . Id assume they are miniscule in size and probably paper thin . rick
  18. Hello ! my question is where the tuning knobs tighten at the bridge of a L2 1982 brooklyn bass model . Does anyone know if there should be any washers between the outer bridge and the tuning knob where it turns to tighten the string ? As the jaw is pulled inside the bridge via this knob is seems that it should have a washer . I may be wrong but just asking . thanks for any info . rick
  19. I am selling my 2009 steinberger synapse 4 string regretfully . This bass is all original and comes with new cobalt strings and new set of double ball d,addarious , original legrest and original gig bag and hard case . There are no scratches and neck is in new cond with absolutely no fret wear . Im asking $900 + postage
  20. This is what my model has as the leg rest post chamber . The screw off to the right houses a spring loaded pin that pushes in to lock a 1/4" post . Ive found a jack plug fits nicely but really a solid stainless post is better . Ive since used a s/s bolt , cut the end and rounded it off to match a jack plug , though it doesnt lock , it sits well positioned on the top of my leg at home .
  21. That worked ! ive deleted a few , that frees up some space for the time being . thks rick
  22. Ive been trying to upload some photos but when i choose the pics to upload the prompt tells me that ive no space left to upload . It says ive used 498,980 kb of 500,000 allowed . Ive only put 3 photos in and they averaged between 30Kb - 50Kb . How could i possibly have used all this Kb,s so quick ? Ive clicked the BASIC UPLOADER as well , And im a newbie , am i doind something wrong ?
  23. Hi bernd , Ill take some better shots tonoght when i get home , ill try not using a flash , but a light instead so a better view can be seen of it inside if not ill draw it , photo it and send it . Ill try and contact "andy" as well . rick
  24. It looks really smooth ! i think mine has the type on the right as the socket inside is not flat , but looks like a jack plug end shape . Also inside there is a small spring loaded pin that moves in and out to allow something like a jack plug to push past it . Do you think this would be compatible with what i have ? If so ill definitly invest in one of these . the dark spot inside the hole is the pin best regrds rick morison
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