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  1. I like the Ultimate Genesis - stable, does not appear to harm nitro and folds nicely for travel. https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Support-ULTIMATE-Genesis-13711/dp/B000I1O1EW
  2. According to their facebook presence - they are still in business and have a new price point - even more reason to grab one of these mics.
  3. I was sorry to hear Neat Microphones is a victim of the Gibson financial melt-down. I use a Worker Bee and love it. One bright side - Amazon is blowing both the Worker Bee and King Bee out at crazy prices. I just picked up a King Bee to complement the Worker Bee. Hopefully somebody will buy the company and keep it going.
  4. As I understand it, the guitar end of the business was fairly profitable but some of the other enterprises were not really "core" businesses and not all profitable. It sounds like they will try to spin off some of the electronics companies and get back to their roots. This could be good for the brand. In essence, Gibson got too big for its britches!!! (see what I did there...)
  5. I feel your pain. I run humidifiers pretty much year-round. The A.C. takes humidity out during the summer and heat drys things out in the Winter.
  6. I like the design, but it took three replacements from the factory before I could get one that worked.
  7. The parlor looks like a re-branded HP 665SB.
  8. I got an HP 665SB about a year ago and it's a great little guitar. I've got a bunch of acoustics but none as small (compact) as this one. It sounds a lot bigger than it is (if that makes sense) and it's a fun guitar to play. When I want a richer sound I'll play my J-200 (or Hummingbird, or Guild D-55)but if I just want to have some fun, this is a great guitar for it!
  9. I have 4 New Hartford Guilds and they are beautiful instruments. Thanks for the memories, Ren!
  10. Grabbed a tape measure and did some measuring...
  11. As they explained it to me... most guitar companies spend a lot of resources trying to replicate older designs ("vintage"), whereas with this line they are trying to use what they've learned to make a more modern guitar.
  12. I have a number of acoustics including a J-200 and several dreads. I also have a couple smaller guilds (O and auditorium) - but this small-bodied guitar felt so nice to play and really had a rich sound to it - it really surprised me just how nice it sounded.
  13. So, I went to the Guitar Center in Manchester, CT to see the Gibson bus and came home with a HP 665SB! Gibson #9 is a beauty!
  14. I wrote a bunch of reviews and at some point I must have triggered an algorithm and the next thin I know I'm invited to participate in the Amazon Vine program. I get to evaluate some pretty cool stuff.
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