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  1. tuning down to C standard... retains the right amount of tension... and the thicker strings thicken the tone too, but mainly due to the tuning.
  2. Looking to buy a bird. Will be set up with 13-56 strings. Any issues with that gauge in the various styles of tuners fitted on birds?
  3. If you can get the case the released specially for the Genesis reissue that's ideal (only for the fact it has a retro Epiphone Genesis plate on it), otherwise I was told a les paul case will do the job perfectly.
  4. yeah after posting I realised I was thinking of the "330L Humbucker" which they did in 2014 (?) with a bigsby... and in black...
  5. Man, those 330Ls are such a great design. Yours' trapeze or bigsby? I love the sound and feel of my father's Casino but the upper fret access kills it for me, being a lead player. The L solves that perfectly. Then I tried what is basically a 330L with humbuckers (or a full hollow 335), but made by Heritage and I was blown away. Thin-line full hollow bodies FTW. I'd do it if the music I'm playing wasn't so loud and overdriven/fuzzed out (feedback issues).
  6. I recently replaced a BBPro bridge with a BB3 in an LP. Running a crunchy Marshall amp I find the pro harsher, denser and more bitey while the 3 is smoother, airier, and a little hotter. And for my ear and style, having better definition. I think a lot of it is to do with Alnico 5 vs 2 magnets. Some might say the pro is a more modern tone, the 2/3 more vintage vibe?
  7. Only an owner of a guitar finished in Gibson's Beale Street Blue knows how light sensitive the colour is and how impossible it is to reproduce the true shade of blue on a digital device. There's a hint of turquoise which just refuses to be captured. As you can see it goes from a striking lightning blue in daylight, to almost midnight blue in dull room light. I've never seen a finish vary so much. This is the third 2010 335 I've owned and I'm beginning to think either I've been very lucky or that was an exceptional year for 335s because each of them has blown me away in their own way. This one may well be #1, which is a huge call because that ebony guitar is almost flawless (IMO). One 335 for E standard tuning (with 11-52), one for C standard (with 13-56) and all the epic desert-blues tone that comes with it. Now to decide which one goes with which tuning. Tough call.
  8. Careful what you wish for there... you'd assume a price drop means compromises in quality of woods etc no? No such thing as a free lunch! Interesting move to the BB1&2 on the 335s (my main interest in this line); good move ditching the BB Pros. Shame they moved away from the slim taper neck... it's my favourite but the soft c will no doubt make others happy.. wondering what the difference is... Great colours on the 335s this year... and the Studio 335 is starting to look like a reasonable offering. Speaking of Studios, that wine red ES-lester looks pretty bad *** too... For all the craziness of the USA line up I gotta say I think the Memphis line has the right balance of stability and year-to-year changes. Like the fact that they haven't done a Black 335 five in a few years now... keeps it interesting and makes mine rarer ;)
  9. if you're in Melbourne, Australia, for a modest fee this guy puts the connectors onto the pickups, enabling you to plug any pickup into a quickconnect PCB-loaded guitar link to facebook
  10. Very kind, thank you, but I'm pretty sure I need a male 5 pin. AFAIK your adapter there will help someone use a newer 5 pin connected pickup in an older style Quick Connect Gibson... maybe even others? Can I ask... is the new 57 Classic + a 4 conductor or 2? And if a 4 where you found it for sale?
  11. For context, it's not about value (resale or otherwise). I actually see a great value in being able to cheaply and easily experiment with different pickups; I see it as a means to do what I couldn't otherwise do with such ease, ie fully explore and develop the sound I'm going for with this guitar. So I'd like to be able to return to that state once the immediate need for the changed pickup has passed (upcoming recording session). Once I've settled on a pickup I'd be inclined to gut it and rewire... in the meantime I want to take advantage of what should be a feature working for me, not against me.
  12. After spending that much on a guitar I'm not really keen on spending any more at all (apart from what's absolutely necessary, like the pickup), however, looks like I might have to consider it... Coupla qs 1. Can I not use the existing pots? Why do I need new ones? 2. Will changing it all out still maintain the full functionality (phase split, circuit bypass) including the compensated coil tap and tone control?
  13. Finding it close to impossible to find and buy QuickConnect pickups; even the Gibson online store is "out of stock". Thinking I have two options (not interested in gutting it and installing a traditional setup), can anyone shed light on how feasible these are by answering my questions: (To go in a 2014 LP Standard) 1. Buy a four conductor pup and a 5 pin plug and make my own (where would I get a plug from?) 2. Buy a four conductor pup and have my tech "solder" it in without compromising or damaging the existing PCB setup so I can return it to stock or reinstall the original pickup in the future (is that even possible?) And while I'm at it, I gotta say while I would have preferred a traditional wiring setup in my first LP, I figured why not take advantage of the QuickConnect and try a different pickup. My usual cynicism tells me this QuickConnect palaver is mainly just a way of making the manufacturing process cheaper, but figured they'd built in a feature some would enjoy and find extremely useful (as well as the potential for more pickup sales). Based on the fact that these QuickConnect pickups are so hard to get hold of I'm starting to think the whole thing is a purely cynical ploy with no intent to make it worthwhile for customers. Quite a disappointing experience TBH. End rant. Thanks for any help.
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