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  1. tuning down to C standard... retains the right amount of tension... and the thicker strings thicken the tone too, but mainly due to the tuning.
  2. Looking to buy a bird. Will be set up with 13-56 strings. Any issues with that gauge in the various styles of tuners fitted on birds?
  3. if you're in Melbourne, Australia, for a modest fee this guy puts the connectors onto the pickups, enabling you to plug any pickup into a quickconnect PCB-loaded guitar link to facebook
  4. gotta say these are the coolest looking guitars Gibson makes imo... would love to try one... but the price arrgghh it hurts just thinking about coveting it
  5. yep that does make me feel better, and so no, i guess there aint a problem except the fact that's it's so close to being perfect
  6. With all due respect this raises more questions than it answers... 1. How do you know this is a standard manufacturing process? 2. Why would this only apply to ES guitars when the ABR style bridge and tailpiece is a constant across most Gibson lines? 3. If it only happens sometimes isn't this just an error by the craftsman? 4. Why haven't I seen this issue before? I look at lots of guitars in my travels...
  7. you're probably right in that you'd be less likely to distress the string at the saddle, but I've never had an issue doing it at pitch. LBE (laziness breeds efficiency)
  8. 1. Best done with new strings and ensure all other set-up tasks are complete, intonation is last 2. Tune guitar to pitch 3. Lightly fret a string at the twelfth fret, if the note is off pitch use a screw driver to adjust the saddle (towards the nut if 12th is flat, towards the bridge if sharp)... access shouldn't be an issue on a standard bridge. Can be done while under tension but if it's stiff you may want to slacken the string to make the adjustment easier. 4. Wash, rinse and repeat until the open string and the 12th fret are both at pitch. Do every string. There are lots of videos on youtube. Good to watch someone do it.
  9. So I put the original bridge back on, the universe is now back in order. Next question: is this repairable? Can the bridge pins be moved without too much damage or creating a larger problem? Looking at the distance they'd have to move (slightly less than the radius of the pins) I'm guessing not... too risky right?
  10. On the original bridge on my 335, the saddles are notched off-centre. All of the notches are aligned with the side of the intonation screw on the treble side of the instrument (as opposed to aligning with the centre of the screw). Q1. Is this normal? The replacement bridge which is currently on the guitar has the saddle notches aligned with the centre of the saddles, and are therefore aligned over the centre of the intonation screws. However, as a result, I've notice that towards the upper frets, the strings are not running down the centre of the fret board, they are closer to the bass side of the fret board. Q2. Is this normal or an issue created by the replacement bridge saddles not being notched specifically for this guitar? Overall I'd prefer to return to the original bridge once I receive a replacement intonation screw for the one that's missing... just checking that this is going to be the being course of action. Thanks for your help.
  11. Just traded my triburst 2010 ES335 Dot for this bad boy, same year... with non-stock knobs and switch tip.
  12. Cheers for the pointers, EastEnder. Fingers crossed it's an easy fix...
  13. I have a new 335. It has a rattle that appears to come from the pick ups, ie if I apply pressure to the pickup cover the vibration disappears. It is an intermittent issue, but when it's bad it's bad and it affects the tone of the note/s played (usually in the bottom octave). The issue translates through the pickup to the amp, so in it's current state, I don't consider this a working guitar. I've been doing a lot of research and found these two articles: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/66211-gibson-es-335-buzzing/ http://www.jazzguitar.be/forum/guitar-amps-gizmos/15635-pickup-rattling.html Can anyone else shed any more light on this and possible fixes before I go ahead and pull the pickups out during the next string change...??? Or should I be taking this under-warranty guitar back and asking for a refund/replacement? And that's a hard question to ask considering how much time I spent playing 335s before settling on this one...
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