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  1. Thanks Cougar . i have 2 Les Pauls that are like that . and they came that way . So whats the best way to fix them .
  2. yes my fret ends on my 55 LPC are ruff .to .
  3. Epiphones are great guitars . I have a lot of them and yes there are some selling for more then i bought them for . Enjoy your new Epiphones they are great guitars
  4. i have the James Bay Century . I got it for 799.00 when it first came out . I love the guitar great sounding and playing . The reason i got the James bay was it came with a shine Gibson pickups and Case . At that time is was 150 dollars more .
  5. Great guitar to play Pink Cadillac to.
  6. Save some more and get the standard . That is like the holy grail.
  7. I think the Head stock is fine let it be a epiphone.
  8. Hey Crust i think they are a great guitar . I am going to due a string change to them but i do that to any new guitar i buy. I love the epiphones and i love there sound . 100 dollar guitars sounds great . Just a new sound to me .They both came nice nothing i have had to do . No parts falling off and i like the cherry burst as you can see how it stained it gave it another foot print on the guitar . They tune well and they stay in tune i bought 2 of them and they came to me in great condition . O and i put my snow fall in the middle i just got it today . I wouldn't be with out the $100 epi. in my array of guitars . I know you have many guitars and i think you need one of these . .
  9. Wow that's nice ..................... 300 more......................................... ok . what ever blows your hair back .
  10. I got my Turquoise one today . I will put pictures up of both of them this week . The first one is cherry burst. I like the flat finish on the cherry burst feels like a piece of wood in my hands. If you have 99 dollars you dont know what to do with i would buy one . The cherry burst i tuned it up and play it for about 3 hours and i tuned it one time and she is staying in tune great
  11. I ordered 2 of them i have the first one its a great guitar for the money it plays well and it doesn't look that bad i am giving one as a gift for Christmas. Great guitar to start with i didn't have a guitar at that price when i started playing . I put new strings on it and set it up its a great guitar . And i am going to keep one for my self .
  12. mine is about 9 ibs . kind of standard for a custom . Its a great guitar i have 12 Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul's i got this one from Sweet water they are great at selling guitars . Ask for Jason .
  13. I have mine it is one nice guitar from play ability to fit and finish . Sweet water set it up its a 519 dollar guitar with out case and it looks and plays like a 3000 or 5000$ guitar. .
  14. Yes i have a blond one and i love it . i got it last year i have a Gibson 335 and it nice but i do like the epiphone but that may just be me .
  15. I just received my 55 Les Paul . Here is a picture of it That sweet water sent . I will post my pictures of it when i get home
  16. I just got the guitar. I will take it home and let you know . Here is sweet water pictures they sent me of it .i will put my pictures up soon
  17. I just got my KOA Les Paul i will put pictures of it up . First of the week.
  18. Hey Rev that is a hole lot of guitar for the money . She is beautiful . The wood grain is some of the best i have seen . My 2010 has some great wood grain . But yours is nice wish they came in gloss . That is a nice one to add to you collection. enjoy
  19. I have both models . I like them both . They both have different tone values . I like my older es175 for its finish and wood . but that's me i like shinny guitars as for feel they both have a solid guitar feel . so enjoy which ever one you like .
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