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  1. You mean EJ200? Cool guitar, but I don't see the sale of that one guitar keeping anything afloat....
  2. Wow, major congrats, Navy! That's some big changes in a very short time. We're prepping our Wild West house to get it sold so we can fund a major remodel of our place in north Idaho. Not sure where we're going to live in the meantime. :^/
  3. Congrats! I think "all solid" is the way to go (although some lams sound surprisingly good). I used to get EF500 Masterbilts because the nut width was 1.75", but now with several 12-strings, and my jumbo Guild 6-string at 1.68", my nut widths are all over the place. You get used to it!
  4. Cougar


    I'll say! What a iconic beauty!
  5. So what's the serial number? :^) I usually just type the guitar model into ebay. Assuming it's a Gibson (and not an Epiphone 1957 Les Paul Jr.), I plugged in "1957 Les Paul Jr" and learned that there are "1957" models made in 2001, 2013, 2014, and who knows what else. There were (roughly) 42 of them for sale, many in Japan. Only one sold in the last month or so, a 2009 in like new condition for $1595. The ones that weren't selling were apparently trying for twice that. (?) Other than that, I know nothing about that particular guitar. :^/ I expect there are others here who know much more....
  6. Hmm. That serial number is not recognized by the Epiphone serial number decoder. That may be because "serial numbers from 1970 and 1980's era Epiphone guitars made in Japan are not supported. " Prices for Casinos are kind of all over the place. Looking on ebay sold listings, the cheapest went for $200, and the most expensive went for $7,000+ (a vintage from the 1960s that Keith Richards had played). Vintage models from the 1960s are apparently worth more, but I kinda doubt yours is one of those. Maybe a Casino specialist will chime in to help with more info. A bigger photo and a shot of the inside label would probably help. Good luck!
  7. Saw them at the Ash Grove. Them were the days!
  8. The Epi Dot is one Epiphone that I kept. However, I'd recommend an Epiphone 335 pro (like this one for example), which costs about the same and has a bit more bling. My Dot:
  9. Good to see Brian got a signature Gibson. I'm surprised it's not an LP goldtop, though, like his original ax.
  10. I love golf. Play a couple times a week, which is apparently not enough to get any better.
  11. Wow, that's not good. Glad to see you've still got a great sense of humor! Coincidentally, yesterday I had my abdominal and neck aortas and major leg arteries echo-checked yesterday, then had a cardiac stress test on the treadmill. It took forever to get my heart rate up to where they wanted it, so I'm hoping that means I'm in pretty good shape. They didn't immediately take me in to emergency, so I guess my arteries are not so bad. Haven't got results yet. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Steve!
  12. I'm thinking that's the letter "I" not the number 1 at the start of the serial number. That means "Your guitar was made at the Saein Plant, Korea, on March, 1987, 1997 or 2007, Production Number: 808." So probably 1997. If it's an LP Standard, it's probably worth around $400-500 max. You can get a good idea how much a guitar is worth by checking ebay completed listings, especially "sold listings."
  13. I won't.... back.... down.... I will stand..... my... ground.....
  14. Nice! That's the way you want it! A great lineup! You better! :^) Preferably video with audio. Would love to hear that bird 12!
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