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  1. I've always liked the looks of Gibson's compact jumbo CJ165. I notice a guy on reverb selling one who says: Well, my research shows that despite sellers advertising them as J165's, the labels on 2007 and 2008 guitars show "CJ165." (If sellers would show a pic of the label more often, I'd have more to go on. I couldn't find a 2006 that showed the label clearly.) The 2007 I saw is maple-backed, and the 2008 is rosewood-backed, but both labels show CJ165. (It might have been nice if Gibson differentiated them!) Then later, at which point it's hard to say, at least in 2012 I see
  2. I didn't notice this before. My FT160 is from early 70s I figure, still in essentially mint condition. My brother carried it back from Hong Kong. They're probably only worth a couple hundred bucks, but as the newbie above mentions, they have a remarkably great sound! Since I now have two jumbo Guild 12-strings and a Gibson Songwriter 12, the FT160 doesn't get much play, but it's just not worth selling. A great travel/campfire guitar!
  3. Man, you've got that positioned right. Mix of guitar and voice just right! I always dreamt of busking back in the 60s, Donovan my hero....
  4. I heard a great tribute this morning on NPR by Scott Simon. Here's the text. Worth a read!
  5. Cougar


    Humans are social creatures. "Ethical rules... were not originally invented by some enlightened human lawgiver. They go deep into our evolutionary past. They were with our ancestral line from a time before we were human." - Sagan
  6. Great, Sal. Love the harmony!
  7. Cougar


    I was surprised to learn that single-celled life-forms persisted alone in the earth's biosphere for about 3 billion years before the first multi-celled creatures began their ascent. That's 2/3 of the entire time this planet has existed!
  8. Cougar


    Or read The Mind's Sky by Timothy Ferris...
  9. Cougar


    I don't think there'll be any such judgment.
  10. That's a great front porch vid, by the way!
  11. I just got back from the market. The paper products aisle was the only one bare. Everything else was there. I wasn't getting meat, though, since Mrs. Cougar made a Costco run a week or so ago and - as usual - got a BUNCH of various meats. Haha! That's the spirit!
  12. I feel the same way every time I take it out of its case, which is often!
  13. I drove from Salt Lake City to Dana Point to acquire my 2002 Guild JF30-12 that was made in Corona when Fender owned Guild. (Well, I was going to visit family in SoCal anyway, but still...) I wonder if the seller picked it out himself from the Corona plant. He chose well - gorgeous burst, ebony fretboard, silky top... And he must not have played it much since it was (and still is) in near mint condition. There's nothing like a jumbo Guild 12-string!
  14. Here's some good graphs - cases and deaths and more, pick country, pick what state, you can toggle between log scale and linear scale.... It's got pretty much everything.
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