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  1. My newest: 1991 Guild Limited Edition jumbo JF30-12 Woodgrain Blue... My favorite: New Hartford-built Guild F50R....
  2. I'd suggest just going ahead and having your local guitar shop (or local luthier or repair tech) restring it with lights (12-53s) and give it a setup, which will ensure it is easy to play - an important thing for a beginner! Might cost 50-60 bucks, but worth it! Then get started learning guitar!
  3. I think he carried us all through the 60s. And well beyond.
  4. Welcome to the boards! Keep on multitracking!
  5. Wh-where is The Monster Mash in that list? I toured with Bobby... well, one tour. We also played Me and My Mummy. That's why he was a true one-hit-wonder. :^)
  6. Yes, sadly he's long gone. Abyssinian.
  7. He sort of had cougar markings....
  8. With "USED" on the back of the headstock, it's definitely a factory second. I imagine the serial number (production number) was filed off at the same time. The seller should have disclosed this, and you should have gotten a reduced purchase price. Is there a numbered sticker covering the original serial number on the label inside the soundhole? The guitar was likely sold to MIRC for refurbishing (if needed) at a much reduced cost. Then MIRC resells the guitar. Many MIRC guitars are just fine, but their resale value is reduced. There is no legal issue reselling them, though.
  9. They're hard to beat. With my F-50R, I really don't need another 6-string. The Corona-built JF30-12 is my best 12-string, but I also like my 2018 Songwriter 12 and my little Martin GPC12PA4. Actually, I have ANOTHER JF30-12 up on reverb at the moment - a Westerly-made wood grain blue in excellent condition. Price reduced! :^)
  10. Petty's Won't Back Down on the Guild Corona-built JF30-12. And on the Guild F-50R. I did, however, newly upload this probably 40-year-old recording, I think the only one I ever played blues harp on....
  11. Man, that's a super 12-string, and that's coming from a 12-string guy. Great photo, too!
  12. As mentioned, humidification will help, and cleating a crack like that is not a super major repair. That's going to be a fantastic 12-string!
  13. Nice! That must be pretty rare, especially in black - as you say, it's out of the Gibson custom shop. Looks like there might be an issue with the center seam below the bridge. (?) As another dread, I wonder how it would compare to my Songwriter 12-string....
  14. Man, another SJ200 NGD! Super major congrats! Love the burst!
  15. Wow! Major congrats! To me, that is the ultimate Gibson acoustic. Jumbo, baby! You gotta be over the moon!
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