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  1. Still kind of bummed this one got away. It was up on reverb for a year, I was ready to pull the trigger, and somebody snatched it. A Guild DD 12-MCE - Doyle Dykes Signature 12-string 2014 Tobacco sunburst! This one didn't get away. Still my favorite - a 2002 Guild jumbo JF30-12 whiskey sunburst....
  2. I use reverb for buying and selling, but ebay still has the best way to check on the value of particular guitars (and other things). I think you've got to be a member, but then you can search on "completed listings" as well as "sold listings," which will give you what the item actually sold for , not just what people are asking to sell it for. Unfortunately, this is usually restricted to the last couple of months, so more rare items might not show up at all.
  3. That's not the way to do it! Now, this... is the way....
  4. Well, wireless wi-fi probably. Of course, that would also reach the other room that I put the amp in. Don't know, but now I don't have to hunt down the interference.
  5. Well, I took your advice. Two day free delivery is pretty amazing. Plugged 'em in, paired 'em up, man I was getting a nasty high-pitched "hum." My computer was nearby, asleep, but that might have been the problem. I moved the amp into another room and.... no high-pitched hum! No hum at all! Amazing little $40 gizmo!
  6. The guy that used to setup and/or repair my guitars would slap me upside the head.
  7. Seems like it! I'll look that one up!
  8. Anybody seen/tried this wireless system that does away with your guitar cord? https://nexxusdeals.com/products/wireless-guitar-transmitter-and-receiver?variant=19121969987646 Sounds like it might be coming out of China - delivery might be a little slow - but it's certainly inexpensive enough. It also sounds like they might have written their own reviews, who knows?....
  9. Hey, I'm 5 lighter than I used to be (but still at 8).
  10. I moved in with my wife 20 years ago and rented out my place in California. We were paying about $6,000 in property taxes every year on the California property. We finally decided to sell the California place. (Nice not to have to pay that property tax every year!) Of course, it was worth a lot more now than it was when I acquired it. All of that increase is capital gains. Capital gains are taxed at 15% for the feds, and California wants another 12%. That's 27% right off the top! So we worked a "1031 Exchange." If you take the money from the sale and put it into another rental, that shields whatever money you put into the new rental from capital gains tax. Otherwise we would have had to pay upwards of $400,000! As it was, we didn't put all the sales money into a new rental and still had to pay six figures in capital gains tax. I really hated writing out that check, especially when the president of the country apparently doesn't pay any tax.....
  11. Totally! Major congrats! I love my SW-12, too!
  12. Wow! Heck of a first Gibson! Well done and major congrats!
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