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  1. Here's an article about this. It says....
  2. Yeah, the forecast for N. Alabama is not good. "Multiple hazards in effect." "Tornado watch." (Don't watch too close!) No basement for those guitars? Hopin' for the best, Sparq!
  3. Oh, down to D, of course! And D is great for harp since it's G that plays in D, and G is one of the lowest toned harps. Love my G harp!
  4. Now, that's some tasty blues right there! Picked up my harp to play along. You must have capo'ed up to the key of D?
  5. Well, it's true there's no longer a separate forum for guitar sales, but I don't think it's forbidden to put a post in one of the other forums that you're selling a guitar.....
  6. There's a brand new one on ebay for $530.
  7. That truss rod cover may not have come with the guitar - it could have been put on later. (I mean, that's a possibility.) Also, the Elitist case could have been added later. REGARDLESS, if you look on ebay's sold listings, these old Casinos bring some big bucks (for an Epiphone). Good luck with your sale!
  8. Gibson's lineup is certainly broad! I sure love my Songwriter12 (and CME for giving me a good deal on one):
  9. Your computer is a decent basic multitrack recording system. You just need an audio interface (like Focusrite Scarlett) and some software (like... well there are scads of choices. I use cubase elements.) It is a great time to be a multitracker!
  10. Well, it says Limited Edition, so it's probably a Limited Edition. :^) Looks like an LP Standard plustop. Limited Edition likely because of the color...
  11. Haha! Joni played Woodstock on all black keys but this is, uh, different.
  12. Always love your year-end vid, Red! Best wishes for the new year to you and all the other forumites!
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