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  1. Well, I think the wives of the forum's members is a pretty select group of the overall group of "girls." 😉 But no, Mrs. Cougar is not real fond of my guitars, but she does like the look of my Epiphone Dot CH (cherry), particularly in its hard shell tweed case with the bright red interior. She said "keep that one." 😁
  2. Sounds like one fun gig, the best kind!
  3. I think the point was, the previous last post in this thread was 5 years ago.
  4. The three photo examples in this thread suggest the pick guard positioning is slightly variable, but yeah, yours comes the closest while the others leave a very small gap. Easy Leo Kottke, haha. I always figured his playing was out of reach. Until about a week ago, that is, when I happened to start looking into just what the hell he was doing with that syncopated fingerstyle of his. I guess these days that means google "how to play kottke" lol. This is an ongoing project. Actually, on one of my recordings of Embryonic Journey I had figured out and included a version of Kottke's int
  5. Super major congrats, jdgm! My Corona-built JF30-12 was my first Guild, but I've since got an F-512 and an F-50R. All jumbos, baby! I still like my JF30-12 just as well as the much more expensive rosewood-backed F-512. Both spectacular 12-strings, which I play 90% of the time (along with my Gibby Songwriter 12-string). Is that an ebony fretboard on yours? Ebony is fairly rare on a JF30-12. Mine has it and I love it.
  6. Regarding the "RANGH" -- I'd check the label again since that doesn't seem to be a code sequence that Epiphone ever used. The R typically indicates Rosewood, A indicates Abalone all over the edges of the guitar. After that, the only codes I've ever seen are "VS" for Vintage Sunburst and "NS" for Natural Satin. So there are RAVS guitars and RANS guitars. The "03..." serial number would normally indicate a 2003 model, which is not compatible to the number on the label. Is that label number on tape covering the original number? Is the "03..." number on the "neck block" or on the back of
  7. As mentioned, they're going to be different since the D55 is a dread and the SJ200 is a jumbo (or "super jumbo" in Gibson parlance). Comparable to the SJ200 would be the jumbo Guild F-55, previously named the F-50. Comes in solid rosewood backed or braceless arched maple. Either way, the Guild is going to have an ebony fretboard; not so the Gibson.... Guild F-50R:
  8. Yes, Sweetwater is quite good. I've ordered a used guitar from GuitarCenter. It had a flaw, but returning it for a full refund was simple. Reverb is a website. I've bought numerous guitars off reverb's site. I've generally been super happy with the result.
  9. That's about right. It's 15 years old. LPs are $600 brand new. There are 300 for sale on reverb, so it's rather a buyer's market. I've got a 2010 LP Standard plustop that I figure is not even worth selling, so I've kept it....
  10. Wow, what a beauty! That's what I call GRAIN! Major congrats!
  11. Good to hear it, Jinder. That's pretty much how I always feel about my Gibson Songwriter 12-string -- just a stunning 12er.
  12. OK, now, that's a production! Well done!
  13. Wow. Two of my favorites!
  14. Crosby Stills Nash & Young at the Hollywood Bowl, opening act: Joni Mitchell. Coming in 2nd, BB King, opening act: Stevie Ray.
  15. Major congrats, meanstreak! Great looking Bird -- love the burst. Yeah, I've also found that higher-end guitars do indeed generally sound better than inexpensive ones.
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