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  1. I just got back from the market. The paper products aisle was the only one bare. Everything else was there. I wasn't getting meat, though, since Mrs. Cougar made a Costco run a week or so ago and - as usual - got a BUNCH of various meats. Haha! That's the spirit!
  2. I feel the same way every time I take it out of its case, which is often!
  3. I drove from Salt Lake City to Dana Point to acquire my 2002 Guild JF30-12 that was made in Corona when Fender owned Guild. (Well, I was going to visit family in SoCal anyway, but still...) I wonder if the seller picked it out himself from the Corona plant. He chose well - gorgeous burst, ebony fretboard, silky top... And he must not have played it much since it was (and still is) in near mint condition. There's nothing like a jumbo Guild 12-string!
  4. Here's some good graphs - cases and deaths and more, pick country, pick what state, you can toggle between log scale and linear scale.... It's got pretty much everything.
  5. I totally prefer ebony. It just exudes richness. All my Guilds have ebony boards, and they're fantastic. But really, for me, it's mainly the look. Maybe I'm not that good at distinguishing, but the rosewood board on my Gibson Songwriter 12 doesn't really "feel" any different. I've got richlite on my mid-range Martin GPC12PA4. From a distance, looks great! Like ebony! Up close, looks TOO perfect, because it's, you know, fake ebony. Still, I'm sure it has the right hardness and stability. Hey, it's designed and manufactured, probably better than Mother Nature, who always has trade-offs through the evolutionary process. And we tend to be purists (except for the carbon fiber guys!)
  6. 480 confirmed cases in Utah. 2 deaths, at least one of which had previous health issues.
  7. Wow, that is some kind of flameage! Major congrats!
  8. Just running through my meager repertoire on my 2018 Guild F512, then the 2002 Guild JF30-12, then the 2018 Gibson Songwriter 12-string, and finally the 2011 Guild F50R 6-string. Petty and Dylan and anything else that pops into my head.... F512
  9. Aha! Didn't know there was such a thing. I just broke out my Songwriter 12. Man, that's a great guitar!
  10. That's a good one! I like that tempo! I wanted to break out a washboard or something 😄
  11. So is that an SJ200 12-string? It looks small!
  12. Not me. Guys like him are potentially putting others at risk. He ought to be slapped upside the head.
  13. Wow, major congrats! You've gone straight to the good stuff! I also started out with Epiphone Masterbilts. I had four at one point, all different woods. Back then, the J45 was also my dream guitar. Then I decided to sell the Masterbilts and get a J15, which was (and still is) getting great reviews. Then I got waylaid and picked up a Guild jumbo, and I've since been focusing on 12-strings, but I don't imagine you can go wrong with your J45. Hey, we need some photos! Best of luck with that thing! It's easier to learn with a great guitar!
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