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  1. Wow. Two of my favorites!
  2. Crosby Stills Nash & Young at the Hollywood Bowl, opening act: Joni Mitchell. Coming in 2nd, BB King, opening act: Stevie Ray.
  3. Major congrats, meanstreak! Great looking Bird -- love the burst. Yeah, I've also found that higher-end guitars do indeed generally sound better than inexpensive ones.
  4. It's a Ren Ferguson designed dreadnought. The rosewood burst is stunning. Looks like you could get a new one at a considerable discount if that's the sort of "value" you're talking about. I'm not sure what Raul is going on about. I expect the Songwriter "holds its value" about as good as any other higher-end guitar. But the idea is to get one and play it, not to get one and sell it. My rosewood burst Songwriter 12-string is flawless, with great balance and projection.
  5. Here it is. A new "Frontier." OK, it is made in Bozeman alongside the Gibson acoustics, but.... for that you could get a brand new Dove or Hummingbird Standard or Songwriter or J185 or.....
  6. That works. It's an SJ200! Major congrats!
  7. Haha! Yeah, took me several years to decide to buy a guitar that cost more than $500! That headstock flaw is a problem for me. I agree with fortyears -- take the deal for 10% off a new one arriving in July. This is two or three months compared to the decade(s) you're going to have this guitar. An SJ200 is pretty much an ultimate 6-string, at least in my book. You don't go up from there -- you're already there. Get one that at least starts out perfect.
  8. Living on Earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the Sun! Congrats on another successful orbit!
  9. I used to have one. Yeah, quite rare. Mine came with fossilized walrus ivory saddle and bridge pins. It was my last Masterbilt sold to fund a higher-end guitar....
  10. Yeah, that's definitely the symptom of fret sprout, but it may not be the actual cause. Fret sprout results from the fingerboard becoming way too dry, so it shrinks a bit. But the frets don't shrink, so they end up sticking out the sides of the fingerboard. On the other hand, during production the frets often just need to be filed down so they're not sticking out, and Leon's guitar may not have gotten this "finishing touch." Either way, yeah, return the guitar.... or have Epiphone pay for you to take the guitar to a local luthier and have the frets "dressed" and filed down.
  11. Well, it's probably made in 2011, probably out of Epiphone's plant in Qingdao. It's a $150 guitar if bought new. I believe the top is laminate as well as the back and sides.
  12. Except it doesn't have that humongous bridge that the B- 12-strings have! 😬 I guess it's also similar to my Gibson Songwriter Deluxe 12-string, which I pulled out yesterday. I've got it tuned to all E's and B's and I'm about ready to record something in that tuning..... Good to hear it, Gary! Playing music is therapy whether you know it or not! Man, I missed all that, Jinder, and sorry to hear it but glad you're still around. A 61-year-old friend of ours was just killed in a car accident. Boom, gone. Mortality sucks, but it's part of life....
  13. Very cool! The only other person who actually signs the label (that I know of) is guitar-maker Kazuo Yairi... well, he used to when he was alive.
  14. No Martin envy here. Nothing really against 'em, just don't have one and not looking to get one. I'm happy with my jumbo Guilds and my Songwriter 12.
  15. Well, I can't disagree with that (although I still think a cracked neck is a defect I'd be most wary about). I actually bid on a guitar once that was identified as "for parts or not working." Talk about risky! There were a couple nasty gouges on the edge of the top -- it had apparently been knocked off a stand -- but it was unknown if there was any internal structural damage. It was a $3,800 guitar going for $1,400. I took a chance, and I'm really glad I did! The gouges were the only defects, and they were easily fixed by my luthier. I ended up with a near new Guild F512 out of their ne
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