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  1. Hi Tommy! Your guitar is clearly within the verified range for 2001. I'm unclear on what it is you are wanting or trying to do? As a potential buyer of this type of guitar, as long as the font used for the serial number checked out, and there were no other signs of re-fin, or any sort of falsification present......I would buy it without anything further. ~Mark
  2. Beautiful Jamman! Congrats! To have two MM Stinger R0's is quite a collectors dream! The MM Stingers were the most magical of the Braz run, in my opinion. Here are my two MM Stingers: R8 MM Stinger R9 MM Stinger
  3. Symantics aside, Delawaregold's situation brought to light some very unforunate information.
  4. Guy's trying to beat up Delawaregold..............He has VERY personal knowledge of this process. In this case, he has been there and done that..........the outcome was VERY shocking and down right irresponsible. BTW, the ID chip doesn't store the serial number........it stores a code that is linked to a serial number.......
  5. ABSOLUTELY! In an unsteady world with people ripping their fellow man off' date=' corporations screwing everyone then getting government hand outs, the stock market affecting people whom have NEVER put a dime into it, the elderly having to go back to work due to their pensions and investments have been devalued, 401k's loosing value, homes devaluing, ect. It is great to know that Gibson stood by their promise of not using Braz again........which allows those whom have purchased Braz to have at least one investment that hasn't tanked. ........oh, then there is also the fact that Braz is endangered of becoming extinct.......if we handle and manage Braz properly now.......maybe we can use it again in the future.[/b']
  6. Well spoken my friend! Gibson's actions show great character in an unsteady marketplace. Salute!
  7. Hey Joe, Remember, there were more that just Stanley Burst replicas made for the BOTB run..........there were also Perry Bursts, Brock Bursts and maybe one other.
  8. Yes, I'm very familiar with Brazilians.....see sig......but if you try to run a BOTB it won't work. BOTB's had their real serial number under the control cavity cover. ....but, thank you!
  9. Thanks Joe, I found my answer anyway.
  10. Did any of the "Beauty of The Burst" replica's have Brazilian?
  11. The one in the bottom picture was mine........ They are fun guitars with a really cool vibe to them......the downside is you have to play one thru a very,very clean amp/acoustic amp or the sound board/PA.......they sound the best very clean. I highly suggest one. My old one is for sale again on EBay right now....... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=180299457511
  12. Hi Don, I can only assume that your gonna have the same problem this seller had. http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=5977 Gibson is pretty sure that the prototypes ARE Brazilian....but they can't officially confirm it. I,also, think that your guitar IS Brazilian.....but without confirmation......it will be a hard sell. I wish you the best of luck...... Mark
  13. Once you have had Brazilian....you never go back!........LOL!
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