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  1. Got bored off these black ugly loud mofos, going to put back in my old chromed 490R/498T set. They got a lot of punch, but not too much personality. I mean, they're good in many aspects, just a bit tasteless. Ack. I knew it wouldnt last.
  2. Thanks for all inputs, nice to see I'm not the only one on thick strings. Milod, I'm rather gentle with the strings, that guitar has a rather low action, no intonantion/fretting issues (unless with low tunings and thin strings, then it will start to buzz inevitably), I think I can say I have a rather slow, or perhaps steady hand (much blues). I totally agree with your wider view, I'm glad I've been on the road for a little time already, and that I have always had great friends to guide me, that gives me a great idea of what to look for in my sound. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello friends! I have purpusefully bought a 7 string earnie ball 'regular slinky' (green), when I was also buying some 'heavy bottom' strings, for I was wondering about useing the thicker strings (and to disregard the .010), for lower tunings, I use to tune my guitars in D, Db (have never gone below Cb), my idea is that thicker strings and more tension can hold more tension, not to fret, and I just hope that it can pick intonation well. The gauges are: 10 - disregarded 13 17 26 (W? Er... I'm nasty.) 36 46 56 While heavy bottoms are: 10 13 17 30 42 52 Another alternative could be to disregard the 26 instead of the 10. Has anyone tried something like this? I'm rather looking for a meaty sound, both for rhythm and solos, on lower tunings than Eb, mostly from Db-Eb Thanks for reading!
  4. The baritone guitar is a baritone guitar, its the nature of the beast. Like Capmaster said, the longer scale implies in increased tension, hence why thicker strings are used, I guess that thinner strings might render a baritone guitar impossible to have intonation properly set in all or most strings. I find that any SG (or other good guitar) can stand a very broad range of tunings, but you cannot vary too much without needing to adjust other parameters, like string gauge, intonation, or even the nut rod, when tension gets to vary too much. Long neck requires thicker strings, otherwise you're going against its purpose, which is also a lower sounding instrument. Its a baritone, its not a bass, its not a guitar, its something inbetween.
  5. Last time I went to buy me a Les Paul, I tried many at many stores, many 'equal' instruments, looking for the perfect specimen, in the end, I took home an instrument which wasn't the color or even the Les Paul I have been seeking. It was an SG special I came to try while waiting for other LP models... I'd say, try something different, a double cutaway, a Firebird, something you wouldnt try as usual... You might surprise yourself.
  6. You want to play with an action lower than 2mm? Good luck with that, youre Epi is actually doing pretty good (btw, why is this post located here?) First, you might want to check how straight your neck is, while its tuned on your usual tuning. You'd rather play with your pickups height and perhaps also the poles (screws, slugs), if you're after a little more output or tone, not by lowering your whole bridge and strings. This is not a matter of opinion, its facts. With all due respect, an action of 2mm is already something a bit stupid in the gibson world IMHO. IDK what kind of guitar deals with that, if any... Thick strings will buzz. Make yourself a favor and up that bridge to a decent level (don't forget the intonation), so that the strings have room as to vibrate well without buzzing all around, with sustain, I'm almost sure that small defect will fade out. Otherwise, if its actually one fret that out of height, you could have a luthier set it properly for you, along with a proper action. Good luck.
  7. Gibson 498T, Dimarzio Super Distortion, S. Duncan Distortion or maybe Invader if you like;
  8. So, after trying a bunch of pickups and finally settling down with the tone of my two favourite guitars, I found a couple humbuckers I had not come to try in my search for tone, some sort of a classic match, the Gibson 496R and 500T humbuckers, I felt like testing them as to fix my LP's wiring. That LP had an old 490R and a vintage 498T that sounded awesome, and matched very well my kind of sound (heavy, slow), now this new set feels like... Well, if I turn all volume and tone pots to 7~8, it will sound about like my previous set. These pickups are very loud (specially the 500), both of them have quite an output and a nice gain to themselves, its easy to overdo with these guys. I wonder what they had in mind when they came up with these pickups? Anyways, it was a very nice surprise, lets see how long until I miss the old chromed pair.
  9. The old gibsons are great, and I must admit I cannot complain off a PLEK cut instrument compared to the older ones, the great issue here is that we have a quality control that varies a lot in efficiency, so whenever I am buying a new guitar I ask them to try at least 3 of the same instrument as to get one of the good specimens out there, I've seen it all, from wrong wirings (from factory!), and like people, all guitars are different, all pickups are different. I find the old P90s (perhaps those were P94s?) were way brighter and higher output than the ones I rip off my SG as to put a couple humbuckers, that is something basic for me, I cannot stand those usual (or specially - the cheaper models equipped with) 490s, I mean, I have one 490R of the 70's, it's output is very low, but its sound is very buttery, there's no comparision. A few lucky people manage to get some special edition pickups on their guitars, if not, you can always modify your guitar and put the pup's that please you the most. Just as to add, I really like the newere nitro finishes, I do play my instruments and I have no problems with nicks and cracks (only bad tuning pegs!), I use them no pity, helps them stay in tune, in two years of good use it did display a little wear on the body, but happily the frets (2012 SG Special) are very good and their wear doesn't worries me. IMHO you should classify them in the old (antique) era, when the distance from E to E string was of 48mm, which got broader to 50mm (or 2 inches, not sure), and the very modern PLEK cut instruments, which can make it for very fast necks and great fretwork. I must admit I prefer the wider necks so my fingers dont clash. Their electronics are nothing exceptionl nowadays, I am fond of the old electrics rather than these new 'electronics, so avant garde(not even 'electrics'), I prefer a stripped off non isolated electrics instrument than a fuel injecion guitar... But thats me... I like to tune my instrument, it makes good to the ear, and I don't mind my instrument to go offtune during a song, its normal. I prefer the old, but not antique. A 70's, 80's or even 90's, or a PLEK cut instrument would be my choice rather than the brand new scream of fashion engeneered guitars out there...
  10. You just said it. To play guitar well and to be able to mimic your favourite players, do your favourite solos as well as rhythm work does takes some good years of practice, if you didn't had it when you were 12-15, well, its never too late to learn. But use that ovation you truely hate with passion, put the SG in the case, and do play the ovation either until it feels good OR the frets wear out (whatever comes first). By then, or when you get that click, get the scales well, and some more theory (cmon, its good) you might feel more comfortable with your guitar. Teacher is good. OR maybe, some people are best for playing the bass. I am one who wanted to be a bassist, but ended up playing the guitar, I suppose the opposite also happens. Did you ever try the bass? I cannot live without mine, at least for the fun of it.
  11. Are you going to play it? If yes, what kind of music? Come on! =]
  12. There are far too many metal/southern/sludge/doom, actually all heaviest styles which have been useing SGs with high gain humbuckers since the 80's, its nothing new.
  13. Stone me if you have tried this combo and didn't like: For any and all Gibsons (specially the modified ones, with better humbuckers/electrics): Fender Hotrod DeVille 4x10pol. With the 'more overdrive' on (no green light, only red lights!), this one was the ideal one, I have only used on the most special gigs at most, because I already had right to a Peavey/Crate stack, that would work as well, but not quite the same. What I have been useing nowadays, for my guitars is my transistorized bass amp, Orange, 25watts RMS, I bought it along with my Epiphone "EB3-L", because it was a perfect match of sound, and my guitars do sound amazing on it just as well, I did try the guitar model, and as to be honest, the bass amplifier has the guts, the guitar has a little bit of reverb or maybe some distortion, but it was weak. 'Lightwheight', easy to carry, too orange to be stolen, I'm good with it, until I be able to get another Fender back again, for my 6 strings.
  14. Nitro takes LONG to cure and vanish, my friend has this Kramer guitar, with a red resin transparent body, barely any wood (just the neck), if you put it IN your closet and you sleep there, you will wake up in the morning intoxicated, and you will know where it comes from. That EVIL guitar. It sounds good, though, I must add. Let me see if I understand the issue, you have a limited edition SG and you use it to train and practice lessons, and you're complaining it is slowing you down? With all due respect, due you have a teacher? Try to pick off one's own playing 'vices', bad habits that feel comfortable, hence we repeat it without noticing when learning, it will stick forever without proper guidance. Srsly, for practicing you should be useing something you truely hate, like the cheapest Washburn or whatever you can find, preferrably with unfinished frets, then WHEN you pick up your beloved Gibson (which is not a student model), you will feel nothing holding you back, I think you did switch too early, whats the urge to become a rockstar? Geez. You're not ready for your guitar, sir.
  15. This is a great guitar, just rip off those 490 pickups and put something decent in there, by THEN you will have a guitar that no money can buy. Whatever other interesting modifications, you might come up with in the electrics can help you have more pleasure and a better sound as well as a more reliable instrument. It WAS a rip off. But at the same time it doesn't measures out only by the money. That refund is something I would go for if possible. You have your rights. Or did you think it was a smart move to buy such a (brand new? faded finish) 'relic' for only 2k without checking its serial? Come on, I think life teaches us one way or another huh? I'm well sure you won't starve. Be welcome, now you have a very nice PLEK cut SG, it is as precise as it is possible to be, in terms of neck/intonation, by computer precision of micrometers, not sure whats your neck profile, but mine is around the same time of your edition and is also PLEK cut, it sounds great and its neck is by far the best (and the fastest!), I just changed its pickups and now it sounds even louder than my LP which has a JB humbucker on the bridge position. It feels great, and goes very well with a Crybaby.
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