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  1. Very cool pic! Were you playing on a ship or a dock....?
  2. LOL, yeah.....hell, don't think I ever owned it.....I think you know what I mean though. The times, the clothes, the gear, the hair, the dark hair.....
  3. The old pic was my first gig, 1980. I was 15 years old. That's me with the strat. The second pic was a few friends jamming together, to celebrate Marti Gras about a year ago. Same guy, different strat. I love old pictures! They seem to catch much more that youth, but the times.
  4. Kahune, yes it is. And stranger than that, it is the same guitar that the post was about. I would like to know more of the history of this beauty. # 185 1993 SG standard Korina. It is as beautiful as the pics on the pancake post. It would be nice to see who owned it when max 2343 was looking at it. I'm still not sure what pups are in it, but they are hot. It is amazing the lack of info on these guitars, or maybe I just don't know how to find it. Any info would be appreciated greatly. Sorry about the pics I post. I know they are small on here. When I try to send a bigger one, it won't accept it. I'm pretty tech-tarded.
  5. I bought this for myself about a week ago. Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I forgot how a Gibson feels!
  6. Brilliant move! It's one thing to get a guitar for Christmas, quite another to get your Father's guitar. She is old enough to appreciate that. And if she's not, she will be. I made a mistake of buying a pink squire for my daughter last Christmas (9 years old then). She still can't handle the "D" neck. Too big still.....
  7. I was at home yesterday when I got a call from my FedEx man saying "Hey I got a big box for you outside". They weren't suppose to deliver til Monday, but they gave the drivers a choice of delivering Saturday and being off Monday. I'm glad he wanted Christmas Eve off! 1993 SG standard Korina. She's a screamer. I'm used to playing a SRV strat most of the time, so the neck seems very fast in comparison. I love it so far.
  8. Anticipation has been killing me all week. New( vintage) guitar I have been waiting for was supposed to be here Friday via FedEx. Due to the storm we had in the midwest Thursday, The shipping was thrown off. Now scheduled for Monday. Thankfully I have a busy weekend with family. Yes, I am a 47 year old little kid waiting for their Christmas present. Like Chevy Chase waiting for that envelope in the mail on Christmas Vacation. Pictures to follow when it comes in.
  9. Many years ago I had a set of leather strap locks on a LP copy ( I think it was a kay) and I loved them. I would like to find some more if they are even made anymore. Basically it was a strip of soft buckskin leather that you put the body screw thru and screwed to the guitar. Then it had a strap bevel button( like guitars have) built into the leather. You would then attach your guitarstrap to it and another fold of the leather lock would go ontop of the guitarstrap, sandwiching the strap in. I know it is hard to visualize. Wonder if they still exist?
  10. I dropped this guitar at church one morning as practice was starting. Strap came off ( no locks of course) and I already had a cord plugged in. Well, it landed on the cord and shoved the whole thing thru the body. I did all I knew what to do at the time, and bought a jack plate and used that and the nut to pull the wood back together. I am really at a loss as what to do next. I have 25 years experience in paint and body, but not in wood! Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  11. At max2343, did you buy this guitar? If not, why not? Just curious.
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