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  1. Swapped that strat at last for a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Sunburst AA Flame Top '59 profile. I love it, it'a superb and not chambered!
  2. How is everyone hangin'?

  3. I'm looking to get £1300.00 (or near offer) for it, the recession is ripping the arse out of the value of guitars here.
  4. Just this morning I went to the fella's house to do the swap and walked away with my strat, the Les Paul guitar was a fake and not a very good one at that, I'm sure he new it was fake too (wanker).
  5. From the back the head looks like it's made of several thin slats to make up the shape of the head,most I've seen is one a side.
  6. I've been offered a 2002 standard in ebony, so I'm told it weighs in at 10.5 lbs so it must be solid or just traditional relief.
  7. Thanks Bence, that's good to hear, I will take this on board if I ever get to swap the Dan Smith Strat.
  8. I weighed my Les Pauls last night, they come up as follows; 1976 = 10.4 lbs 1980 = 11.2 lbs 1981 = 9.6 lbs 1990 = 9.6 lbs 1995 = 9.6 lbs 2001 (Epiphone) = 8.8 lbs So really I'm looking for one at least 8.5 - 8.6 lbs I guess.
  9. Yeah, I love 70's Les Pauls but at the moment my only bargaining chip is the Dan Smith Strat I'm trying to sell/swap and I don't think I'll get one from that time period for it or with the money I'll raise from the sale. It's on ebay, Gumtree and Sound on Sound and I haven't had a single offer yet.
  10. I'm still none the wiser which years to avoid so I don't get a chambered model, I like 'em heavy, my pro delux is the heaviest guitar I've ever played (except a axl plexi strat I had until a year ago) and I love it! please help!
  11. I want another Les Paul.

  12. I want another Les Paul.

  13. Well if any of you lovely people would like to swap or know any folk who might be interested in swapping a 1982 Dan Smith Fender Stratocaster in Sienna sunbust for a Gibson Les Paul please let me know, I'm not working and I have zero income so I can't afford to buy one. Thanks guys for making a newbie feel welcome on the forum.
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