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  1. Well I strung up the guitar with a new set of Ernie balls... Some of the pins started to pull out as I began to tune them to pitch but I kept pushing them in as I went along...so far everything is OK and they are in pretty much like stock.
  2. Were you able to slide your presentation pins all the way in and still be at the point where they were relatively loose? I can pull the pins out with my fingers with no effort at all and I do not need to use my tool. With the traditional style they stuck up but at least they were in snug. I have not tried the presentation ones with strings in them, would it make any difference?
  3. Put in the new "presentation" style pins, and they are loose as heck! Man I am so aggravated, I just exchanged the traditional style for the presentation style, they definitely fit flush with the bridge now but they are super loose! I taped off the neck and polished my frets tonight with some flitz and a dremel and got everything ready for a fresh set of strings & pin install...now I dont even wanna bother putting these pins in, I think they will pop out they are so loose.
  4. Yours are the same brand of pin, just the presentation vs traditional style. Obviously now we can agree traditional style tusq pins do not fit the DR500MCE properly and they need to be presentation style pins. Weird... Crunch
  5. Here ya go. stock stock 2 graphtech traditional style graphtech traditional style 2 comparison Crunch
  6. I just bought a set of Graphtech TUSQ traditional's and they stick up farther than stock. I measured them with a digital caliper and they are thicker [5.1mm] compared to OEM pins [4.9mm] According to graphtechs chart I should have bought presentation pins which are around [4.93mm]. I saw the reply about tusq's being higher but that doesnt make sense to me if presentation pins are the same diameter below the collar like the diagram on the package. Wouldnt you want to simply run presentation pins? Not sure if I should exchange these. Crunch
  7. That's what I'm gonna do for the time being, didn't feel like getting the stock setup out of whack just yet! Thanks!
  8. Anyone know what the standard string gauge that the factory puts on DR500's?
  9. *Update 2/8/13* I was just going to say screw it, and keep the second DR500 Sweetwater sent me, although I was still a bit upset with the finish and the chip in the soundhole. However... Gibson responded to my email from a while back and Bob from Customer Service asked me to RMA the second guitar directly to them in Nashville. He issued me an RMA number and has me scheduled to receive another DR500MCE that will be thoroughly inspected and setup this time around before shipping to me. I did have to provide pictures (as cosmetics flaws are not covered under warranty) but it still went thr
  10. What strings in the medium gauge would you recommend? I might have this guitar setup and would prefer to use some quality strings. I usually use 9's on my metal style guitars 10's on my stratocasters 11's on my les paul I prefer ernie ball if brand matters in this. I have never purchased acoustic strings so I dont even know what gauge I have nor what I should look for! Crunch
  11. This doesnt make sense to me because graphtech offers 2 main types, presentation & traditional martin style. If martins take presentation style pins, why offer a specific style referred to as the traditional martin? http://www.graphtech.com/product-92-2/ <-- Traditional martin style http://www.graphtech.com/product-86-2/ <-- Presentation style So which is it for DR models? I assumed it would be traditional?
  12. I have two DR500's sitting here and they both say hand crafted in china inside the soundhole on the little paper thing, and they both say made in Indonesia on the back of the neck.
  13. I'm gonna chime in here because i was going to order a set as well, I thought these use the standard martin style and NOT the presentation pins?
  14. I wanted the following: 1) Dreadnought style electric 2) All solid woods (no stratabond crap necks, no laminate sides/backs etc) 3) Under $1000 but preferably in the $700 range. The DR fit the bill and had extremely positive reviews. Every guitar in that range is a non-US made guitar. Solid wood martins/taylors start at what, $1500 at least? This was a gift from my parents mind you, the $700 range seemed decent as a gift. Hell the Martin I'll eventually get is over $2,000. I just feel really shitty costing a company like Sweetwater all this hassle over minor things that they really
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