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  1. Probably around 30 total. Some average players,some pretty nice. '64 355 mono,stoptail,'81 Dot reissue 335,'62 LP jr,.64 MMD ,'59 125,'61 125t, '62 Epi Broadway w/ New Yorker's replaced w/ Gold Humbuckers,a few Sg's,'74 J200,73 L6S, 94 Heritage 535,'39-41 (?) Epi Zepher blonde w/stationary Bigsby,1919 Gibson 'A' model mandolin, some Fender's,and others. If I can figure out how to load, I'll try a few pics sometime.
  2. Artheritis is gettin to my hands, now what to do with all these instruments. Where is the best place to start listing? I hate to deal with people only interested in "stealing a great find".... I would much rather deal with people understanding the instrument for what it is. Many Gibsons, some Epi's (Fenders etc...) Any good thoughts? thanks.
  3. In that era,Gibson still wrote FON's in pencil ,later going to rubber ink stamps. Look through the upper F hole , should be on the back as seen through the f hole.
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