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  1. Just looking at some of my guitars,I really have NO clue whats in these cases since I have around 50 Gibsons and fenders that i have been buying since 2012(NOT counting my Vintage stuff that's in storage} Anyways seen a 2014 Billie Joe Armstong ES137 with 3 Autograghs on the COA and Pickguard and somewhere else. But looks like a really Kool guitar and If I remember it sounded good too since I only used it less the 15 mins and back in the case lol.....Anyone else bought one and at $1400 I feel it was wellllll worth it from Zzounds...JT
  2. I have a Gov Explorer in Gray color with Green case(those are the 1st that came out} They only made100 in Explorers and 100 in Vs Yep the Neck and Bridge pickups are Dirty Finger Plus pickups. Used the guitar less then 10 mins when I bought it when they first came out. Its still in the case as new but have many other guitars that I use...…….JT
  3. Cost NEW was $1799 at Zzounds.($1999 minus 10% over the phone}Nice guitar and sounds greattttt Still have mine in the case and strummed it for less then 15 mins.Have many other guitars that I can pick from when I want too....JT
  4. What Color is the guitar you are looking at? I bought a 2017 ES335 70s in Walnut Stain at Zzounds...………...JT
  5. Funny you should ask. I also have a New 2017 ES335 in Natural figured ,2017 ES137 Billie Joe Armstrong and a 2017 ES330 in natural with bigsby(all not played at all} besides the ES335 in Stain Walnut. Think the reason that I don't play them is that I have no time or maybe kinda lazy lately or maybe I just have to many New guitars I bought and put them in my closet lol. I think the real reason is I just don't get around playing them...….JT
  6. Did anyone get the 2017 Gibson Es335 70s Stain Walnut from Zzounds for $1999 back in 2018?(10% discount comes out to be $1799} Wondering how you like the guitar. Mine is still in the case and hope to get it out and use it one of these days.
  7. Johnnytuinals

    NGD ES-330

    Neck is NOT that slim.......JT
  8. I was looking to Buy a New 2017 ES339 studio in cherry red last night for $760 from CME. After waiting and waiting and waiting the sale ended and glad it did even if it was 15% more off then the prices are right now I really don't need another ES guitar even if the price was right.(all the good stuff was GONE by Jan 2018}........JT
  9. All the Memphis ES guitars and BB Kings where unloaded too CME at Dirt CHEAP prices,because they are CLOSING the Memphis plant and had to get rid of ALL their NEW ES and BB King Guitars. My friend bought a Black Newer (think it was a 2016} for around $1900,looked NEW and not a Scratch or ding. Myself I bought a New 2017 ES335 in Natural for $1700 while everyone else was selling those for $3799 like Sweetwater. Also bought a New 2017 ES330 VOS Natural figured with Bigsby for $1900 while everywhere else was around $2000 more. Myself I see people trying to flip these and prices willlll remain LOW in the states for sometime. I did not buy mine to sell but for them to get dust on the cases since I have many guitars that don't get used lol........JT
  10. These were selling at CME for $1950 in the states NEW a few weeks ago. They had them in Black and Red....JT
  11. Johnnytuinals

    NGD ES-330

    NO stickers in the F-hole Serial number is in the lower F-hole in print(hard to see}....JT
  12. Johnnytuinals

    NGD ES-330

    Have the same guitar I got from CME a few weeks ago. Mine came in a Gibson box with the correct serial number on the box. Looks good and no dings,dents or scratchs. Only used the guitar once and sounds good but will have to see if it stays in tune using the bigsby..JT
  13. Seems that with my New ES330 that I got from CME a few days ago. I can rub my finger on the top where it says Gibson. Its like a Bump You can run your finger and there is a Bump when you get to the decal. The Decal I guess has Lacquer on top of the decal but you still feel the bump. Myself I own many Gibsons and all my guitars are smooth when you run your finger over the decal........JT
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