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  1. The Eyes Of The World - Freedom Call
  2. Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel (Bright Eyes is a song in the movie "Watership Down", which is about rabbits, for anyone wondering what the link with the previous song is! lol)
  3. Woah, I didn't think this thread would still be active with new posts! :lol: I haven't been here for a few days, but it's nice to read up on all this info I had no idea about before. Before I made this thread, I was panicking as I really was beginning to suspect my LP was fake. Mainly because I was shocked at how quickly the gold started to wear off the pickup on a new guitar. It's my own fault for not doing my homework on the guitar first, but I very much appreciate all the informative replies from those in the know on these forums. :)
  4. Sara


    Hmm... I actually love that colour! But as a whole... the dark blue back of the body clashes with the aqua coloured neck (the black lines on the neck are jarring too), and the white around the headstock also doesn't look right on this guitar. Better design would have made this guitar a beauty, as I love the base colour of the body's front, and the pattern, but the way it's currently designed overall, makes it look like a dog's dinner...
  5. I'm a huge fan of the Bond themes, although most of the themes since the days of Roger Moore haven't been up to the standard of the majority of the earlier Bond themes. It's tough to pick a fave... Goldfinger, Thunderball, and Live And Let Die are all immense numbers, as is Diamonds Are Forever, which I think is often overlooked due to the fact the film it comes from isn't considered one of the classic Bonds. Similarly, We Have All The Time In The World is a great song, but again, because it's attatched to one of the Bonds that's considered weaker in the series, the song doesn't get as much kudos. Heck, I'll go with Goldfinger, seeing as it was the first theme (aside from the Bond Theme itself) that captured "that sound" which is very much associated with the Bond movies, and it's just a fantastic song anyway! As for my fave Bond, it has to be Roger Moore! He'll always be "my Bond", as he was the one I grew up with. Well... I grew up during the Timothy Dalton-era too, but I never really took to him as Bond, I always saw him as inferior to Sean and especially Roger. lol :)
  6. Thanks! :) And I am enjoying it, it plays and sounds great, best sounding guitar I've had. xD I really appreciate everyone's responses to my enquiry, I still have a bit to learn about these guitars I think! lol
  7. Yep, it seems to me now, like it's something that's very difficult to prevent happening at all. I don't have many problems with callouses these days, so that isn't something that stops me washing my hands before I play. Though I do wash my hands quite a lot during the day anyway... which could be contributing to the issue. lol Yep, it does seem to me now, that this sort of thing is just par for the course with Gibsons that have gold hardware. lol :) And it does appear that aside from not playing it at all, it's not something that I can prevent from happening. I do keep it in it's case a lot when I'm not playing, and I did wonder whether that might be a contributory factor in things like staining, etc... But my mind has been put to rest, thanks to all the helpful comments here, as it does appear to be the case that this kind of thing is just "normal" over the course of playing Gibsons with gold hardware. I guess it's my own fault for not doing my homework before getting it, so I'd know what to expect! hehe :P
  8. Yep, that looks exactly like what's happening to my pick-up... Thanks to everyone for giving me info about this. :) I guess I should have done a bit more research before I got the guitar, but when you spend so much on an instrument, you don't expect things like that to happen, especially so soon after purchasing it. So it was a bit of a shock... lol To answer a couple of specific questions raised in this thread, yep I do wash my hands before I play, but I've just read that washing your hands actually promotes acid production in your skin to adjust itself back to it's normal pH. So my religious washing of hands may actually be contributing to this problem... About wiping my my pick-up covers after every time I play, no I don't always do that, but I never thought there was any need... perhaps this is something I should have done to slow down the wear to the gold plating. I'm actually less worried now about the guitar being fake, seeing as this appears to be a well-known issue for this type of Les Paul Custom.
  9. I bought an alpine white Les Paul Custom in January, and the last time I went to play it, I noticed the gold plating has started to come away from the bridge pick-up, revealing a dull coloured metal underneath. Can anyone offer a possible reason for why this might be happening? I haven't had the guitar long, so I'm surprised to see something like this merely 6 months after I purchased it. The model of guitar I own is exactly the same one as in this picture: Any help on this issue would be much appreciated, as I'm starting to worry I may have a fake Les Paul, even though I bought it from a well known guitar store.
  10. Honestly, the only reason I'm even aware of Hamer guitars, is because both Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing from Judas Priest played them. lol After discovering Priest in the early 90's, from that moment, I really wanted a Hamer guitar. But Hamer guitars always seemed to me to be very difficult to aqquire. Over the years, I've still never seen a Hamer in a guitar store EVER. It's not too surprising to me that they're going under, but it is sad. They made some really nice guitars.
  11. Powder? How does that work, and exactly what powder do you use? I know you mentioned "body powder" on the previous page, but I can't think of any other body powder aside from talc, and I doubt that can be used!
  12. So basically, as long as I stick with 10's, I shouldn't need to adjust the neck at all? Can the intonation be updated from the bridge? So too much buzzing would require adjusting the truss rod to relieve the neck?
  13. Geez, there's always one smartass isn't there? lol I've never played a Richlite, or an ebony fretboard before, so of course I'm not going to be able to tell the difference, am I? There's at least two very good reasons why it matters. One is potentially being given false information in a product description on an expensive guitar, which all debates about Ebony vs Richlite aside, is a matter of concern. And of course, as has been previously highlighted in this thread, if the fretboard is ebony, I will need to treat it every so often with fretboard conditioner to keep it in good condition. If it's Richlite, I will not need to do this, and so I will save myself money by not purchasing a product that will have no effect on the fretboard. So yes, knowing the difference does matter. ;)
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