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  1. i have just been able to buy a sg std in ebony and i have rekindled my love affair with this guitar. i owned a sg std 10 yrs ago but had to part with it for money reasons at the time and have missed it dearly. so you can imagine my excitement of been able to go and buy one on friday,got a good deal and just could not say no[biggrin] . the sg was the first guitar i came into contact with as a shy 14 yr old as an older friend had one and i was in awe of it from day one ,so now i have come full circle and this is sg is for keeps[cool]
  2. just because it has the paint job and the emg pick-up this guitar is labeled a metal guitar . i have to disagree firstly the bullseye les paul is in my opinion the finest gibson custom shop guitar on the market and the fact that people percive the emg pick-up as a ''metal ''pick-up is way off the mark,emg pick-up are by far the most sonically tuned pick-up on the market whither it be for clean/overdrive these will deliver. so to your question ........yes they are worth it=d>
  3. studios are cool,infact i can say the next les paul i buy will be a alpine white studio i think it has a certain look of class about it,although i am still waiting to see the new gary moore studio !!!!!:)/
  4. hello,could any of you fine people on this forum tell me when the last of these guitars came out of gibson ? are there any numbers of how many were made and the value of trying to buy one second hand today? thanks
  5. hello, could anyone advise the best way to clean the neck on this guitar ? i have had all kinds said of what to do what not to do that i am in a state of confusion](*,) if any members or admin could give me a heads up it would be greatly appriciated. thanks
  6. the robots just got a hole lot cooler!!!
  7. could admin confirm if the custom shop are making another run of the zv with the buzzsaw paint work ? if so how many are in the run and when will they be available for sale? thanks
  8. congrats on the new addition to the family. in my opinion there is no better ,sweeter sound than a les paul /marshall combo=d>
  9. bullseye99


    dunlop tortex 1.00 mm,after playing for a while my right hand gets a bit sweaty but i still never lose my grip with these picks....they are just awesome in my opinion
  10. thanks for the kind words silverburst=d> there may be some light at the end of the tunnel as although the finiance was signed when i pre-ordered the r7 but as a result of soundcontrol uk going into administration all orders pending were cancelled!!! so i think i should be ok as the finance company says that you cannot pay for something that the shop has not provided.i will need to wait and get all this in writing before i make another move[-o< on the question of the neck i have a standard with a 50's neck and prefer it to the 60's so if and when i buy one i think i should be ok but
  11. well the ultimate disaster has struck-because i had to special order this guitar and agree/pay up front i have just learned that the dealer here in the uk (soundcontrol) has gone into administration ^_^ so now not only am i not getting the guitar but i will have to wait and see if i can get my money/agreement refunded as i have not recieved the goods](*,)
  12. nice pics, these guitar are true warriors of the gibson custom they are just made to bleed s.m.d.f.
  13. ok so it is now official i am suffering from the g.a.s. symptomes. i got on the phone to the dealer and after much negotiation he could offer me this guitar on a 24 month interest free deal at a lower price if i did not trade in :D so my standard has been saved but i will need to sweet talk the wife out of not crunching my nuts as she says ''what do you want another guitar for you can only play one at a time :D '' i am looking forward to a new addition to the family real soon:-({|=
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