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    +1 Was even recommended by Brian May if i remember correctly.
  2. Virtuoso cleaner and polish http://www.virtuosopolish.com/
  3. +1 on virtuoso http://www.virtuosopolish.com/
  4. Has to be an historic..... Should get a nice R8 for that sort of money.....
  5. Has to be Iced Tea for me
  6. Well i haven't seen this finish before but wow! I'm loving it. Gromaj- those are some very nice pictures of a beautifull axe.
  7. +1 except i'd use the Virtuoso cleaner first
  8. 2009 1959 Re-issue in Iced tea
  9. Thanks for the all the responses so far. The reason for asking is that i'm looking to buy some headphones for practising and wondered what was the best make and model to get?
  10. Simple question. Do you use headphones when practising and if so which ones?
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