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  1. I am repairing a cracked 2011 ES-335 neck and need a little help. The body is sunburst and the neck fades from black to a dark natural color. Is the natural color just the mahogany clear coated or does it have some tint to it? Also do you guys prefer gloss or satin finish? All help is appreciated!!!
  2. Did some more research and it looks like late 2011 was when the baked maple began being used. Looks like my rosewood needs a little attention!
  3. I assumed it is. It is very light colored and shows very little signs of wood grain. I could very well be wrong!
  4. Picked up a faded brown 2006 SG with the baked maple fretboard and was wondering how popular this fretboard is or how common they are. Thanks Mark
  5. Thanks for the comments. I wasn't sure if I would like the black binding but I have to say it really stands out. Wish I could find out how many of the black binding guitars were made. Mark
  6. Finally got around to posting a couple of pics of my 2000 Limited Edition ES335. Love her to death! The only issue with the guitar is a small crack on front of the lower horn [angry] . The Satin finished 2005 335 I had showed the same kind of small, what looks like shrinkage cracks on the back. Other then that I thinks she's a Beauty and She's mine!
  7. That was my guess. All I remember is back then I sure thought they looked awesome!
  8. Back in the early sixty's a guy that was taking lessons with me had a SG that was real fancy and had tuner knobs that were shaped like horses from a chess set. Can anybody tell me if these were from the factory or some custom knobs he found and installed. They looked to be ivory (I'm sure fake) the best I can remember. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the reply Kidblast The Marshall is a 1X12 model. Mark
  10. I have a Sheraton for sale that a Guy has offered three different amps to trade even for it. I value the Sheraton at around $400. I wanted to get some opinions as to whether or not the amps are any good and about what they are worth. It might be something I would consider keeping to play my ES335 thru and sell my current Marshall MG50DFX. 1. Trace Elliot Super Tramp 80W Tupe pre-amp with 4X12 speakers 2. Marshall JTM30 All Tube 3. Ampeg Reverb Rocket 50W 2X12 Any input would be appreciated!!! Mark
  11. Does anyone know what years the black binding was installed and how many were built? Thanks Mark
  12. I wonder if one color guitar was more apt to get the ebony fretboard than another?
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