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  1. There are also some really good video's on youtube with very detailed instructions. I plan on doing this myself for a spring project.
  2. I have herd of players using plummer's teflon tape around the post threads to tighten it up. it seems a lot of these posts are a bit loose, and not machined with a tighter tolerance.
  3. to check if a tuning machine/key is gone bad or going, when you change strings, remove the nut from the top of the tuner, and if the post has a lot of play, it may be time to get new ones. also too many winding's on the post can cause it to take a while to set, too little winding's can cause it to slip.
  4. Nah, things wrapped around the strings do nothing to the tuning. tuning problems are, tuners, nut, loose bridge, or string stretch.
  5. guitar players use this mostly for studio work, they use like a ponytail holder, or the like, and keep it wrapped around the headstock just above the nut, and when they record, they pull it just over the nut onto the 1st fret, this is to keep strings from ringing that are not being played when they solo, this trick has been used for many years. also this is used to keep unwanted sting noise from above the nut. i stretch the hell out of my strings for a 1/2 hour before they stay in tune. could be the holes for the tuners are too big, not a snug fit.? too many wraps of the string on the
  6. that's a good question, but will a normal strap work on a lefty guitar.?
  7. I was given a bunch of lefty picks when i bought a new set of lefty strings for my guitar.
  8. I have a Strat with noiseless pickups, and they are a quite as active pickups without the hassle of a battery. i also get the same 60 cycle hum when coil tapping my LP from dual to single, that is why i use a noise gate when i play, also playing near your monitor will cause it to hum.
  9. also if your string action is very high, every time you press down the string, you are adding tension, this can cause the note to be a bit flat when when your changing to an open string note. it is impossible to get intonation 100% perfect, but if your setup is correct, you can get it 99.90% . the lower your action on your strings are, the closer you will get to having perfect intonation.
  10. also it seems if you use very thin gauge strings the intonation will go out a bit faster. this seems to happen to me, after every time i touch my strings, i clean them as best as i can.
  11. to me it would depend on what it's to be used for. at home at lower levels, or in a band for live gigs.? for a lower wattage amp you should be able to find something in your price range. but for a live situation, you may want to save up a bit more, or look for something used. I swear by Marshall, but they can get a bit spendy . then the question is do you want a combo or a head / cabinet setup, which i prefer using a 4x12 bottom.
  12. sorry for the repost, but being new to this type of stringing, i didn't know what it was called at the time of the post to do a search. and very shortly after a google search helped me sort it all out. it does look a little more vintage this way, but all said, i would worry about scratching my gold hardware up, and string breakage.
  13. I have noticed that some people string the stop tail piece in reverse. it look like a standard tail piece, is this different.? and i'm not talking about the 1 piece tail piece / bridge as on vintage 50's they are still using the tune-o-matic bridge, Nashville version also. is this preference of some players.? and it also looks like it would shorten the string life having such a sharp bend in the string. I found an article about this here, it explains it pretty well if any one is interested, it's call top wrapping. http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/string-theory-what
  14. Just replaced some 25 year old tuners with new grovers. WOW what a difference, no more tuning issues, even after 30 minutes of new strings. the post gears were so worn out they had a major wobble, can't notice them until they are removed. 18:1 ratio for fine tuning, gold plated with the old kidney bean style keys. also took in my 85 strat in for new frets today, can't wait to get it back next weekend. it's about time i refurbished my gear, they have been rode hard and put away wet for many years.
  15. Jimmikatt

    Bedroom Amps

    This seemed to become a tube discussion more than what amp are you using in the bedroom, i could get cheeky with the topic, but will save it for another time. when i began playing, i use to use the Tom Scholz Rockman when i didn't want to disturb the parents, plus i could clip it on my belt, and walk around with it. since then i have used many different things.. Pevey, Crate, Fender, and now have a Line 6 Spider IV 75 modeling amp. great tones at a low volume, but it does change a lot when i start getting into the power, and start moving some air with the Celestion speaker. so i need to
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