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  1. Del

    WTB R7 Goldtop

    My 09 R7 weighs in at 9lb 3oz. I wouldn't describe the neck as a soft V though. It's a big fat C or maybe D shape all the way up the neck. I've got a CS Clapton strat which has a decidedly soft V neck and the R7 is nothing like it.
  2. I know the tops are carved but the bookmatching along the centreline should have the grain pattern matching up if it's one piece of timber split down the middle. The carving at this point (which should be minimal if anything and would probably only be sanding rather than carving) shouldn't have any impact on that. I know it's historically correct but I just can't work out how the grain patterns never seem to match up. It doesn't make any sense unless the sanding process removes so much material that the initial pattern is lost as sawdust.
  3. I guess it's a case of 'you get what you pay for' and I've no doubt that there's more hands-on work involved in creating the True Historic over the standard version but there's a huge price difference and I think the sonic and playability differences will be very small (if any). And when it comes to a goldtop, whether there's better quality maple been used on the top or not is never going to be known as it's covered in paint. I think if you were looking at a 58 or 59 then there may be some merit in considering the differences between the two ranges as they say that they spend more time on
  4. My 335 and 339 both came with 57 Classics and while they were OK, I've never really bonded with the sound of them in either guitar. A couple of months ago I swapped the pickups in the 339 for Bareknuckle PG Blues (as I love that out of phase tone) and, man what a difference these have made. Both the neck and bridge positions now sound like I think a PAF should sound. I think a big part of the difference is that the PG's aren't wax potted which I think seems to muffle some of the frequencies and make it too focussed (to my ears anyway). My Historic 57 Goldtop has BB's in it and, again,
  5. I've just recently acquired a 'new' 2009 57 historic goldtop which I'm loving. I tried out a 58 as well but although it sounded every bit as good the top was just a bit too plain for my liking and the dye had leached into the binding of the neck in a very nasty looking way. So I passed on that one and got the goldtop instead - and saved myself a few hundred dollars at the same time! Looking at all these nice 59's in this thread can someone explain to me how flames in the so-called 'bookmatched' tops hardly ever match up? I'd have thought that, if these are made by splitting a piece
  6. Del


    Lovely! That's quite a highly flamed top for a 58. Probably the best compromise between the plainer 58s and the very highly flamed 59s. Very nice!
  7. Took my new baby to its first gig last night and WOW! what an instrument!!! It was the first time I'd have the chance to play it at higher volumes and it didn't disappoint. I took my small Ampeg GVT15 amp and cab and various pedals to cover the various tones I need. Everything from wonderful warm clean tones to fairly full on overdrive can be coaxed from this guitar - and sustain for ages!! As I've discovered today, thanks to the email from Gibson customer service, the guitar has Burstbucker pickups and they are great. Yes, there is feedback to be had from them but it's a very con
  8. Is no-one able to help out here? I eventually found a table (I think on the Les Paul forum) listing specs for all historic reissues and the year when changes were made but it stopped at 2008!! I'm running out of options for finding info on my guitar......... :)
  9. I just bought a VOS 57 Goldtop Historic and the body and neck are as glossy as a glossy thing! The hardware all has a dulled aged look to it but nothing extreme. Seems like I might have got the best possible compromise that suits me anyway! Oh, and it sounds and plays beautifully!
  10. Hi Haven't been here for a while but just bought a Historic 57 Goldtop RI and am trying to find out a bit more about the specs as it seems from the serial number ( 7 9***) that this instrument came out the factory in 2009 and isn't one of the more recent models. The description of the guitar on the internet page seemed to suggest that the specs were in line with current models but I'm thinking this might not necessarily be the case. I didn't really think about the serial number when I was trying out the guitar in the shop as I was more concerned with how it played and sounded - both of
  11. I've never tried this on my 335 as I use 10's on this guitar but I do the top wrapping on my LP which I use 11's on and I do think that the top wrapping gives a bit less tension to the strings and makes them easier to bend but still gives the perceived tonal benefits of using bigger strings.
  12. Hi Haven't been in this forum for a while - spending more time playing my 335 than in front of a laptop these days! (Wish the extra time with the guitar led to an increase in my abilities though!!) My 335 has pretty much become my favourite guitar in my collection but I recently saw a very nice 330 advertised on the website of one of NZ's biggest music retailers and really have a fancy for this instrument. Apparently they only bring one of these into the country at a time due to the very limited market for expensive instruments here so I can't actually play the instrument before be
  13. I'll try to find some of the Virtuoso products but I'll bet that they're not available here. It's strange that this is happening with this guitar as I have a Martin with a nitro finish and I've never had this problem with that guitar. Incidentally, does anyone know what the nut on one of these 335's is made from? I'd like to think that, at the price they sell for, it would be bone but the Gibson website doesn't list this in the guitar's features.
  14. My 335 is only about 3 weeks old and I've been pretty fastidious about keeping it clean and wiping it down after every playing session. However, where my arm rests on the body, the finish gets very quickly covered in a greasy film (presumably sweat and skins cells) which doesn't wipe off easily - even using a small amount of Martin guitar polish. I can wipe with a soft cloth as long as I like but the smearing never disappears 100%. Any suggestions for this? Cheers Del
  15. I was really torn between getting a vintage sunburst or cherry red 335 but got a fantastic deal on my sunburst baby that I couldn't resist it! The only thing I didn't like about it was the black knobs which I've swapped for gold ones which I think look so much better. I'm also considering taking the pickguard off as I prefer my LP without any guard and there's a part of me that thinks it's a bit silly to cut f holes into a guitar top and then cover half of one over with the guard - and it also hides some of the beautiful finish. As for the colour of the EC guitar I'd be guessing t
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