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  1. I own the #100/100 of the Gibson J 180 Everly Brothers Nice to know the other 99 sisters. Gus DB
  2. Anybody owns a Gibson J 45 Antique Natural? What´s your opinion?

  3. Sorry. I´m both. I´m really sorry.
  4. Yeah man you really described. What makes a gibon a gibson! For me, 2 things "that mellow bass" and some kind of rock attack! Gus
  5. You say that there is a cosmetic difference between the new vintage and the true vintage?
  6. Does anyone konw the difference between the Southern jumbo TRUE VINTAGE and a the Southern jumbo NEW VINTAGE ? Gus
  7. Great guitar and a amazing memorabillia about the Travelling Wilburys Platinum LP!
  8. Yeah folks, the Southern Jumbo TV is amazing, bit the brown case is awesome. I'll place some pics that I took today
  9. I recentley buy a Gibson Southern Jumbo True Vintage, any comments, any recomendations?
  10. Sounds amazing, vintage, richfull, great balance! Yeah, I' proud of my 57 southern jumbo.

  11. I recently buy a Gibson SJ TV. I don't have much time to play it, but y can see it's a diferent guitar. I have a Gibson J-45 standard, a Gibson J-45 antique Natural, a Southern Jumbo, an Advanced Jumbo and all oh them sound really different.
  12. Lucky guy ! Maybe one of only 200 or something. How does it sounds?
  13. Can anybody help me? I´, ready to buy a ´96 Chet Atkins Steel strings. Some advices?
  14. I' m new in this forum, it's amazing!

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