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  1. I own a 1992 USA epiphone riviera made at the Gibson Nashville factory so the same standard as a Gibson and a 1996 Peerless Riviera which I upgraded with new tuners and pickups and bits of hardware. I'd say the peerless is now the better guitar after the upgrades, though there's a feel about the USA model that's special. The reason I like the peerless so much is the finish and the neck profile so if you find one that suits it's well worth upgrading a cheaper one. Valensi was using his peerless riviera on the recent shows rather than the terada made elitist ones he has, so it shows the quality of the Korean guitars. He could choose any guitar he wanted and does play gibsons as well.
  2. Malcolm Young removed 2 pickups from his gretsch and he did ok :)
  3. I'm wondering what the options are for upgrading the tuners - I want some that drop straight in with the minimum work. Are there any that will fit the 2 screw holes? I'm ok if they look a little different and don't mind a single screw fixing, but i want to avoid routing out as i want to fit them myself
  4. What's the neck profile like on these guitars? Is it similar to the elitist range I.e quite flat and wide or is it a fuller profile. I have 2 elitists and I love them apart from the flat neck profile.
  5. Off topic but which ones do you regret letting go?
  6. I had 1997 mik riviera that had a thin neck width at the nut. I had a luthier replace the nut to make the spacing a bit wider, it worked really well as there was actually a bit of space to do it. The strings weren't close to falling off or anything. It played really well and was one of my favourite necks. I stupidly sold it! I don't think you will have a problem, none of them are so thin as to make it difficult to play.
  7. You could also have a look at the swing o pickups from The creamery in Manchester UK . They are Hand made humbucker sized filtertrons and will go straight into a les paul. They are quite cheap as well and jaime who owns it will advise you on the best options. I'm sure he can and does send them around the world.
  8. I've got experience of a Korean riviera and a USA made riviera from 1993. The USA model was made in the Gibson factory as a special run but I assume it was made to similar quality and finish as a Gibson. There is undoubtedly a difference in materials, frets, fret board and the lacquer finish but the main difference are the pickups ( in 97 the epiphone pickups were poor) switch, tuners, nut etc All of these can be upgraded relatively cheaply . I upgraded the Korean riviera and it was a fantastic guitar, the costs were much less than buying a Gibson and to be honest I preferred it to a lot of gibsons. The downside is you probably won't recoup the costs of the upgrades if you sell it. I think if the dot is comfortable and you enjoy playing it, then it's worth getting and upgrading parts if you feel the need.
  9. I agree with parabar, the bigsby will increase it slightly and I think sheratons really suit a bigsby, but it wouldn't be a huge differenece. The frequensator adds a nice look and also a nice feel to the strings I think? Avoid the stop bar if you can ias its likely to devalue the guitar and not look so nice. There been plenty of great guitar tones with a frequensator or trapeze tailpiece so try to work with it is my advice. Good luck !
  10. Here's a couple of pictures I've taken of it, taken me ages to get round to it
  11. i'll post some yes - its in natural which i believe is the rarest finish. Its got a really beefy neck and you can feel the overall quality of it, having said that the pickups are a little disappointing. The 1993 Sheratons from that series look amazing
  12. What's the best type for a great clean and defined sound? I don't want overwound pickups, at least I don't think I do. It's a1993 USA Riviera. The original pickups were microphonic and I had them potted which worked well, but I want something a bit sweeter sounding. Would rewinding the original pickups make much difference. I assume they are Gibson Mini Humbuckers but I don't know. The obvious ones are lollar, antiquities, gibsons - any others that anyone likes?
  13. I've got one from a samick Sheraton, late 90s. I replaced it with an epiphone e. send me a pm if you want it, thanks
  14. i've got an elitist valensi riviera in natural - is it sunburst you are after ? i have a wine red elitist riviera, though that has a headstock repair. i'm based in uk though. i'm open to offers for both
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