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  1. Should help us stop buying all those soggy Atlantic Coast Guitars . Seriously, I don't see why it would be an issue if they keep their inventory properly humidified. I can't imagine they will not do so.
  2. Welcome to the forum. You've got me wanting to see the guitar, but the link doesn't work for me either.
  3. I've heard and seen Muriel Anderson perform with one. She, of course, was phenomenal. If you search for "harp guitar" on YouTube you can watch quite a few performances.
  4. Thanks for a very nice version of "American Tune." It's a great variation from the standard three or four chord folk/country songs, isn't it? I usually don't consider a song "learned" until I can play it through without any kind of song sheet in front of me. This one is a challenge I haven't met yet, what with all the chord changes. However, one of these days . . .
  5. This guy's doing pretty well for himself these days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O_xl13ZHXI. Of course any time acoustics are played before an audience there's going to be some kind of electronic assist, whether a PA or a pickup or more. A lot depends, too, on whether you're thinking in terms of pop. If we're talking about people who sell millions and appear in megastadiums--I don't spend much time listening to that music. However, there is a lot of really outstanding acoustic music being played. Often it is hybrid with an electric as part of the ensemble. Sometimes the same performer plays sometimes with acoustic and sometimes electric. I do think that computer composition and performance is "a" wave of the present and future. Maybe if/when robots completely take over, we will be superfluous, along with acoustic guitars. I just hope we are relegated to a nice place together.
  6. I like the idea of busking for charity. When I see a busker I usually throw something in the open case. If the sign said funds were going to some cause I support, I'd probably throw in a bigger bill. Not all charities are well managed, and some are outright fake, but that doesn't mean there aren't also very worthy ones. Local food banks, women's & homeless shelters, and many churches are places you can know first-hand and determine whether they are putting funds to good use. If you want to support something non-local, use Charity Navigator https://www.charitynavigator.org/ to check out what % of funds go to services vs director salary and fund-raising costs. If you need the money, fine. If not, support the good cause of your choice. Wouldn't any governmental requirements for busking be the same whether you're busking for charity or for yourself? I would think permission to busk on private property might be easier to get if for a charity. Do people need permission to gather and play/sing on public property, such as parks? This may vary by location, but we know how important Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village was to the 60s folk scene in the US. What I'm wondering is whether you would need a permit to play and sing with a small sign that said, "If you like what I'm doing, please donate to the charity of your choice when you get home." You'd never know your results, but, heck, playing music is fun anyway.
  7. I have examples of both ebony and rosewood bridges/fretboards, and I like all of them. I agree with Bobouz and tpbiii--there are too many other variables that are much more likely to affect tone, especially when we're talking different brands and models.
  8. Wow, talk about mojo. Or maybe mojo isn't quite the right word--maybe "Frankengibson." Actually, the rosette looks kinda nice. What's really surprising to me is that Gibson put their label inside, including an "approved by." Was "Richard Pick" (or is it "Rickard"?) a real person? Any chance he's still alive? Maybe there's a can of that super finish still sitting in a closet in the old Kalamazoo factory. Thanks for the photos. I guess the only thing left is sound samples. That's probably as unique a Gibson as I've seen. I'm fairly sure the OP won't find one like it, but apparently a. . .uh, regular C-6 is the model he should check out.
  9. KS Daddy, are you sure yours doesn't say "Gipson" on the headstock? That's quite a story. And candy apple red, you say? Where is that--on the body ? I think this is a "floor sweep" story that requires pictures.
  10. That's a lot of hard work. Thanks for doing it and sharing it. I've always loved Foreigner Suite best among Cat Stevens songs, but I doubt that it would adapt well to single acoustic guitar accompaniment. Maybe an excerpt could work, though. Of course I'm thinking of someone with mere mortal guitar skills. Lots of other Cat is wonderful too.
  11. Thanks, Jack. After 50+ years as an acoustic player, I took the dive and bought a Casino Coupe. I couldn't resist that wine red finish. It remains to be seen what Music I will make with it, but your demo sure gives me some ideas.
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