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  1. Thanks JC...I did find this info. Just hoping to find someone with one of the 250 sunburst limiteds
  2. I'm bumping this up to the top...I am thinking hard about pulling the trigger on this one. Was hoping someone would be familiar with this particular limited edition. Anyone?
  3. Thanks for the info, Bob The serial number confirms it as a 1995 build and is labeled as a J-35 Limited Edition no.xx of 250 for 1995
  4. I'm looking at a 1995 J-35 Limited Edition...run of 250. I think it's based on the pre-war model but would appreciate any info from the vast pool of collective knowledge on the forum Really nice looking burst and adi top...anyone have experience with this model? Thanks
  5. Thanks all...that's what I needed to know.
  6. I've been offered a 2012 J45 true vintage in near mint condition as a trade and was wondering what would be a fair trade value. Anyone?
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