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  1. Miguel, you can also try Hermes Music. They may be able to order one for you. Their headquarters are in Mexico City, but I believe they have stores throughout Mexico. Thanks for your interest in Kramer guitars. http://hermes-music.com.mx/ Hermes Music Mexico Naranjo 76, Col. Santa Maria La Ribera, Mexico DF, CP 06400 Tel: +52 (55) 5547-2111 Fax: 5547-2111 ext. 1065 comentarios@hermes-music.com.mx
  2. I checked with Sam Ash and this is what they said : "We do ship certain products to certain countries, but are bound by dealer agreements not to disclose them on the web. Call 1-800-472-6274 for more information." Thanks for your interest in Kramer Guitars. I'll post more information if possible, but you may try calling Sam Ash directly to get details. Thanks. Kramer Guitars US
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