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  1. Definitely a sanded down Cort. 22fret neck, horrible fret access due to the body join at the 18th fret (the similar GT's have 24 frets and join at the 22nd). The Spirits and Hohners are much easier to play than these.
  2. I use hotmail. It wouldn't let me see the email address at all. Until I attempted to right-click just now, and discovered I can copy the email address. Ahhhhh, me and technology have a strange relationship at times.
  3. Also I'm very interested in purchased the uprated posts (I'm assuming it is your site you linked to), but can't send an email via the link, since I do not have any email client software installed on my computer. :( I'm in the UK.
  4. Thankyou kindly Bernd. This is excellent info. :)
  5. So, I've had my Spirit GT-pro (left handed) since MusicYo first brought them out, and mostly it's sat in a corner unloved, or in various states of disrepair. It is what it is, and currently has a Kent Armstrong single coil in the middle, and a Seymour Alnico Pro II in the neck, and I still can't decide on a bridge bucker than stops the tone from being as thin as it is currently (with a Seymour Custom Custom) But my real point is, and the reason the guitar sits in the corner most of the time... No matter how you set it up (although currently I've got 10's on, and the spring is fully
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