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  1. CFH11


    I'm looking for help for my Gibson DF.

    Do not hesitate to come back to me to exchange.


  2. MCK

    Dark Fire repair

    Sorry to hear of your trouble. What was the fault in the first place? Just curious to hear which part might be in short supply. I personally stock anything I can find on eBay.
  3. Hi everyone, just dropping by to mention you can register your Dark Fire on the Unofficial Dark Fire Registry at the following address : http://www.futureguitarnow.com/forum/index.php?topic=7.0 Wealth of Dark Fire information to enjoy as well. Keep well!
  4. Is it possible to make the Dusk Tiger RIP available instead? Most of us don't seem to care about charging through RIP as it leads to noise and have disabled this feature. So getting the latest & greatest seems like a better path for me. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone with a GOR Explorer can do a quick measurement for me. I would love to know the spacing of the tuning machines. Could you kindly measure the distance between the centre of the first and last tuning post looking from top? Then could you kindly measure between any 2 posts and report back these two figures? Your help will be most appreciated. Thank you!
  6. The DT is yet to sell out... With the remaining stock on the shelves I doubt if a new version will hit the street anytime soon.
  7. visit www.futureguitarnow.com/forum and search for the following word : deoxit Good luck
  8. Serial # is very mis-leading. Read up on this topic at http://www.futureguitarnow.com/forum/index.php?topic=305.0
  9. Please visit Future Guitar Now and search for "Test your Dark Fire Pickup Polarity" . Hope this helps.
  10. Crackity, you can detune the motor head manually as long as the MCK is not pulled out and energizing the tuner.. You would detune the string until its loose and then turn the string lock at the top of the tuner post counter clock wise with your hand to release the string. You can then proceed to undo the hex nut etc. See the following post and linked document for some detail photos : http://www.futureguitarnow.com/forum/index.php?topic=259.0 Very important piece of advice is not to overtighten the hex nut as you put it back. Read the link and attached document before you attempt any of this and if unsure / uncomfortable return your guitar to your dealer. All the best.
  11. Cable is easy to make if you have some soldering skills or know of someone who can help. Checkout FGN for details. hope Gibson comes through with its promise soon so you will not need to DIY like we all did but if you need it here is the link : http://www.futureguitarnow.com/forum/index.php?topic=193.0 Happy new year!
  12. Hey Jason, somehow everytime you get involved in my support queries my issues are promptly resolved. Gibson needs more people like you. Thanks once again for your open communication. I look forward to hearing more about the RIP to Roland cable soon. All the best.
  13. " I wish to order a Gibson Dusk Tiger MIDI Cable!" Inside the Gibson Dusk Tiger shipping Box is an Accessories box: Observe the DUSK TIGER ACCESSORIES LIST[/b] See the RIP to Roland GK 13 pin Cable (Mis-Labeled as "Dusk Tiger MIDI Cable") Lets examine this hard to find cable. Here's the 8pin MiniDIN end (To RIP Hex OUT jack) Here's the 13pin DIN end (To mate with third party gear featuring a Roland GK 13 compatible GK Input - like the Roland VG-99, GR-20, Axon AX-50, etc.) The pictures above show this cable exists and ships with EVERY GIBSON DUSK TIGER! Lets all contact Gibson US (Toll Free) 1-800-4GIBSON US (Local) 1-615-871-4500 Email - service@gibson.com Europe 00800-4GIBSON1 Email - service.europe@gibson.com Japan 03-3434-5670 Email - service.japan@gibson.com China 800-820-8841 (in China only) Email - service.china@gibson.com and say: " I wish to order a Gibson Dusk Tiger MIDI Cable!" Tell them if they can not supply you one, then point them to this thread here http://www.futureguitarnow.com/forum/index.php?topic=193.msg949#msg949 Tell them Gibson Dark Fire Owners WILL pursue legal action with Gibson USA - and demand they inform us of a delivery date for this Important Cable! Many of us never would have bought the Dark Fire guitar, if we knew the Dark Fire RIP to Roland GK13 cable was never going to materialize! We are not buying the Gibson USA line that "We never promised to deliver this cable for Dark Fire owners" GIBSON SHOULD READ THEIR OWN DOCUMENTATION! http://media.gibson.com/DarkFire/Manuals/1_1/Gibson_RIP_Manual.pdf Read Page 19 "RIP Hex Output The Hex output provides outputs from each string and is compatible with guitar-to-MIDI converters made by Axon, Roland, and others. To patch RIP to the guitar-to-MIDI converter, you’ll need a custom cable from Gibson; for additional information, go to the Gibson web site at www.gibson.com." === Update Nov, 12, 2009 Mr Anderton will be investigating "Where is the RIP to Roland Cable?" http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?p=37398797&posted=1#post37398797 <Craig Anderton wrote>
  14. MCK

    Fake or Not?

    I have a feeling Gibson is a little preoccupied right now to go after a simple fraudster... Have you been reading the news?
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