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  1. My posts state that everything I write must be approved by a moderator.

    Can you fix this please?

    This is kind of overkill don't you think?

    I didn't do anything to deserve Censorship.



  2. Nick, It's me Todd from Santa Maria.

    Nice to see you're a member.

    I like the Sorrento you got for sale right now and am thinking about it seriously. I'm just not a fan of the metallic burgandy mist.

  3. Axe,

    I can't load the soundcloud sample for the pedal. Did you take it down?

  4. That fish was taken from my most recent trip to the Eastern Sierras.

    I've got a few honey holes that seem to always produce.

    It was my oldest son's first trip. He caught a couple nice rainbows too.

    Glad to see ya' back in the forums again Murph.

  5. There are a couple JMP-1s on Ebay at this time.

    One has a bid of $675.00. There are two others that are selling for $799.00. Just thought you would like to know.

  6. Waves were killer!

    Easily 5-6 on the Thursday and Friday.

    Hope you make it tomorrow for the finals.

    It's sure to be a sea of humanity down there.


  7. Dub,

    did ya' get down to the U.S. Open of Surfing?

    My kids got Kelly Slater's autographs Friday morning!

    We're back in Santa Maria now and I'll have to watch everything else on the internet. Have a great time.

  8. A friend told me of a client who lived in Malibu who could fly to his company's HQ in Phoenix in the amount of time it takes him to get to his office in Los Angeles. Hope ya' got lots of good music to listen to while sitting in traffic.

  9. Phil,

    I've had the most difficult time getting out of town this summer.

    My son and I made it as far as the Eastern Sierras for camping and fishing. Los Angeles is becoming a distant memory. You said you took a job there? Hey, why not work in Santa Maria. We need good doctors. That's what you do right?

  10. Josh,

    can you do a piano lacquer finish on a stand?

    I'm thinking of something for my Custom Shop 57 Deluxe. The black piano lacquerd one. The only problem is that I don't want the two to come in contact with each other. Maybe some felt where the amp will actually rest on the stand?

  11. Thinking of swaping out a 12ax7 in my Fender Deluxe for a 12ay7.

    Is it worth buying vintage? I saw some GE, Rayovack, and a Tungsol on ebay.

    What do you think Surfpup?

  12. Rob, I appreciate the name of the author.

    My friend grew up there during the '60s. His name is Marcus Grear. If it happened in the Bay area during the '60s, he was most likely there as a teen ager. He'll enjoy reading the book.

  13. Hey Rob,

    Are you the one who wrote the book about the '60 Garage Bands in the Bay area?

    I have a friend who grew up in Frisco at that time. I know he would like to read your book (provided you're the author of course).

  14. Hey... you can always use your plus function, minus function and report function.

    If someone's being an ***, report 'em or give 'em a minus. If someone puts them in their place, give that person a plus.

    I gave you, Axe, surfpup, Saturn and a new guy, MikeKFR a plus today. New guy slammed TheLudnuts. So I gave him a plus.

  15. Cruz,

    Duane is a real strict mod. He doesn't put up with much.

    Ludnuts, I don't have a clue about that guy.

    I will say this... a lot of the old guard has either been banned or no longer comes around.

    Remember this: As always, there is some immature kids in the lounge too.

    They definitely don't allow certain content. I mean no politics, no degrading women, et...

  16. I am so glad to see you back in the Lounge.

  17. Jimmy Plays his ES 1275 in the second radioactive post.

    Check it out.

  18. Hey Phil,

    How did the show at Creekside go?

    It's hard for me to get out of Santa Maria. I usually don't like to do things alone. Kind of want my wife or a friend with me when I venture out.

    I will say this, I'll get to one of your shows in 2012. Hope all is well,


    PS check this out just cut and paste it into your browser.


  19. Phil,

    sorry I missed your gig last night.

    It was my daughter's Christmas performance.

    Can't miss that now can I.

    Anyway, hopefully the 29th of December I'll be available. That's a Friday at the Creekside, right?

    Hope last night went well for you.

  20. I thought you might be interested in this.

    They're the PC boards for the SLO 100/50 watt Super Lead Overdrive.

    Check it out.


  21. What's up Tman?

    What do ya' have planned for the weekend.

    Beautiful weather we're having eh?

  22. Hey Tman,

    check your email.

  23. This could be the break I've been looking for.


    My schedule is really crazy though. I'm coaching youth football and every Saturday is booked for the next 9-12 weeks. Once we start our games the kids are only allowed to practice 4 hours a week so that should free up some time. Now I'm with them every evening until 8:00.

    I'm certainly interested.

  24. Matt,

    thanks for the note.

    I'm fine. Busy this summer.

    Weeding in the front yard today with the boys.

    Pickling beets this afternoon.

    The neighbor gave me quite a few. Some were as big as a softball, some at least 8-inch in diameter.

    So I've roasted 'em and now I'm going to pickle 'em. Probably get at least four quarts full.

    My goal for next...

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