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  1. Not sure if you have Craigslist, but just type in Fender Stratocaster and you'll be amazed at all of the Fender strat pickups available.  You can find some fair to good pickups on any given day.

    Also, try Stratosphere Guitar Parts.  They have tones of different pickups from different manufacturers and they usually discount them.

    If you can find them, the AVRI '65 Stratocaster pickups are really good.  I recently saw an article where Brad Whitford from Aerosmith admitted that he loved his Fender AVRI 65.  "Fender nailed it," he said in the article I was reading.

    Along that tonal variation there is the Seymour Duncan "Jimi Hendrix" pickups.  His are more akin to pickups  he actually designed and installed on one of Hendrix's guitars.  That's the story I read at least.

    Still, lots of people love '54 strat pickups.  Many swear this is the tone they love for blues, rock, rhythm and blues and a entire genre of American and British music.

    For something hotter and punchier, there is the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails.  They are mini humbucker pickups.  I actually had one in a 1983 strat I once owned.  But it was only in the bridge position.  Recently I found a start on craigslist, it's probably still there, that had three hot-rail-pickups on it.

    I have noiseless pickups on my 2015 American Deluxe.  They're nice too.

    But, in the long run, if you just want a good set of stratocaster pickups and don't want to spend a lot of money, craigslist and a set of Made in Mexico pickups from the 1990s and early 2000s there is something nice about these pickups. Price and tone.

    Good luck in your search.


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  2. I fully understand what you're talking about sparquelito.

    I will forever be on the look out for Fender and Squire guitars to buy on the cheap and fix up now.  Always thought I could do it and now know I can.

    Here's something else that now needs to be considered with a lot of Fenders.  The company has switched over to those Pao Faro fret boards instead of rosewood and some of their guitars have the most beautiful, dark rosewood boards on the neck.  I saw one so dark and lovely that I want the entire guitar, just because of the fret board.  I don't care if it's Mexican made or Asian, if it's got a beautiful rosewood fret board, I'm going to consider it.

  3. So you can see it's missing a tuning key, a switch tip and knobs.  It also has lots of chips in the paint.

    So for the money, it's a good buy for me.  I went about replacing the stock tuning keys with Fender locking tuners ($60.00), two knobs ($10,00), I had an extra switch tip and a set of strings on hand and set about cleaning it up.





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