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  1. Yes, very well behaved. Nice, big, healthy snake.
  2. I am so glad for you Tman. I drive by your area often, well now and again more like it, and I am truly excited for you. The bureaucracy is indeed hell. Having a supervisor help you through it is a Godsend. Move forward now with the blessings of the Los Angeles Bureaucrats. Even more reason to enjoy those beautiful views from your property.
  3. Unlike most of the other replies, I like it, but... It's too complicated for me. I have enough problems trying to lock in my sound for other purposes, tones, textures, and dynamics. And I don't need a 135 page book documenting the development of this pedal.
  4. Yeah, it's too bad too. It seems rock; the big show that once was, is unfortunately dying too. There are still some bands and musicians, that bring it every time I see them play. But they're older musicians who have found themselves in the so called super groups. But new rock. Just don't see it.
  5. What ever!!! Why bother posting a reply then Pitch. Not interested move on. I'm interested. I grew up in So Cal during the bands early years. That was LA rock all day and all night long. Eddie Van Halen set the bar pretty high. He was a gifted musician. You will be missed EVH.
  6. You never know what you're going to see when using Google Earth. Here's a hotel I was staying at in Huntington Beach. Wait, is that a plane I see?
  7. Yes. Calmer but just as cool😎
  8. I really like my Fulltone '69. I also have a Big Muff Pi 4 that has some cool fuzz abilities. There are a lot of good fuzz makers.
  9. I agree with you wholeheartedly. One pedal, vintage or brand spanking new, isn't going to make or break me. I have two fuzzes I love. The first is an octave up fuzz made by Home Brew Electronics, (I think they're out of business now), the Ultimate Fuzz Octave (UFO). The other is the Fulltone '69 Slight Return. Fuzzface clone.
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