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  1. California governor Gavin Newsom just ordered all trees to start wearing masks to prevent the spread of forest fires.
  2. Yeah, they'll sell a lot of those.
  3. When those came out back in the late 2000s, I was constantly watching the Vox Virage videos. They're a very versatile guitar. I believe they were also made in Japan. Never got the pleasure of playing one, but from everything I heard and saw on line, they're a tone machine.
  4. You know, I looked up the price of these on Reverb. What they're asking for that guitar isn't too far off from what I see on Reverb. Sure there are a couple in the 2K range and that would be the very low end of the price range. 5K though, that's just too much for my budget. Nice guitar though.
  5. Freakin' wanker! Never ever heard of RJD. She's hilarious. Wonder what she would say about Bruce Dickinson?
  6. I just thought it was a nice video showing Tony Iomi using an SG with a tremolo.
  7. This is my GA-5. It does have tubes and it's a great sounding amp.
  8. It's my opinion that the OC75 sounds a little deeper, more harmonically wide ranging. I know it's hard to tell, but that's what my ears tell me.
  9. I love this pedal. I bought one. It's a great midrange boost. Definitely more than just a Dallas Rangemaster clone. Comes with six different settings. Check it out.
  10. So I originally shared this with Jim about a week ago. He posted it and this is what happens. It's a light-hearted-attempt at humor. Laugh a little people. The original post is a two-minute short. It's funny as hell to me. It's a comedians observations on humanity. Come on!!! As for some of you, you deserve the aggravation you've created. Some of you deserve a star for doing your homework. Some of you need to be ***** slapped for attacking people in a guitar forum, you should know better. It's the interwebz. Those of you who have enough moral decency to apologize for any slights you might have caused deserve a "good job, well done." Some of you take too much, too seriously and you have forgotten how to laugh. As Jerry Seinfeld recently observed (he's good at making poignant observations) in an interview on CBS, "Smart phones are getting smarter. Why aren't we?"
  11. 2015 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster 2006 Fender 60th Anniversary Diamond Inlay Telecaster Limited Edition 2017 Fender Traditional 70s Thinline Telecaster MIJ
  12. There's been some licorice pizza listed here. I've got two recent editions I'd like to submit for your listening pleasure. Buddy Guy's, "The Blues is Alive and Well." Fantastic album. Walter Trout's, "We're All in This Together." Lots of compilation work here. Good bunch of guest musicians.
  13. Thank you everybody for your kind thoughts and well-wishes. My brother-in-law Dave is off the ventilator. In fact they finally got him out of bed after 17 days on the breather. We're all really excited. My sister and father are both over the virus and on the mend. Again, you're all appreciated and I wish you well too.
  14. So I want to start out by saying this has really hit home for me. It's been a brutal month for me and my family. Three family members have had the Wuhan Virus. First my brother-in-law was told his co-worker has it and that it would be good for him to self-quarantine. He got it. Less than a week later he was admitted with pneumonia to his local hospital. He's been on a respirator and dialysis machine for three weeks. Today was the first day he's responded to any stimulation. He gave a thumbs up to his nurse. We have been praying non-stop every day for him for the last two or three weeks now. Seems like forever. Secondly, my sister got it from Dave, her husband. She was helping my dad after the sudden death of my mother three weeks ago. She has been away from her husband who has been in ICU this entire time. She's been quarantined the entire time. Third, my dad got it too. He's 81 and it hit him hard but not as hard as my sister and brother-in-law. We think there might be two reasons as to why. He had the Hong Kong Flue in the early '70s. I know this, because I had it too. I think it was 1970. The other reason is that Dad likes his evening scotch. It's my belief that the scotch killed a lot of the virus that might have been in his throat. In fact Dad said that when he drank it that particular night, "It tasted terrible. It was all I could do to finish the glass. It was horrible." As for my mother, it wasn't Covid 19. It was a massive brain hemorrhage. She had a devastating stroke. There was nothing anybody could do. Now, we are unable to even bury her and have a proper funeral until all this blows over. We will give her a wonderful celebration of life when the time comes. And yes, my brother-in-law David will be there too. He's going to recover in due time. They hope to take him off the respirator this weekend. Stay safe everyone. Remember to wash your hands and practice good hygiene. My wife has been in public health for 20 years. Washing your hands and using good hygiene is so important. Again, stay safe.
  15. I just want to say John Prine was an American Treasure.
  16. Yeah that's a good looking telecaster guitar RCT. You know I just bought a semi-hollow tele. You're giving me GAS!!!😎
  17. Like my Gibson GA-5. Suits my needs and takes pedals well.
  18. What year and country of origin, Duane? I find my Korean Epiphone Sorrento fits that description. I was recently recording something with the Telecaster Thinline and decided to to try the Sorrento too. I thought, "I wonder how this will turn out?" Turned out pretty good. It was louder, harder, meaner and had a rounder, fuller tone to it. Still, for my overall choice, it's my ES-175 for most of everything. I know I own a lot of telecasters, but the ES-175 allows me to play acoustically too. And the neck on that guitar is perfect for my hands.
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