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  1. I have never played another guitar that sounds/feels as good as my '99 '57 Historic. My only complaint is that it seems to get a little heavier every year ;)
  2. OK - suspicions confirmed!!
  3. Or are you folks still telling each other the same old lies? ;)
  4. What key is Sweet Home Alabama in? [flapper]
  5. I hate to quote myself, but this really is the crux for me. Play first. What sounds great may or may not fit with rules or theory. If it doesn't, they'll call it "borrowing" in the minor cases and "jazz" in the extremes - LOL!
  6. Whatever the key is - the tune is a classic. Ya gotta respect the Stones even if you don't love them.
  7. It's all about what we're accustomed to seeing. The below (which I think is accurate) shows the sequence in both C Major and A Minor. In both cases the E chord is altered from the norm from minor to major, as a dominant 7th. They both obviously sound the same as they are identical in practice. To ME, a vi III7 V IV IV I ii I vi is more "normal" (whatever that means) than i V7 VII VI VI III iv III i. To be perfectly clear, I'm not claiming one is more correct than the other. This is more an interesting exercise in picking fly dung out of pepper - an exercise in exercising theory & representation. A stronger case might be made one way or the other by also examining the melody, but I'm not THAT interested or invested C Major Am E7 G F F C Dm C Am E7 G F F C Dm C G Dm Am C F G vi III7 V IV IV I ii I vi III7 V IV IV I ii I V ii vi I IV V A Minor Am E7 G F F C Dm C Am E7 G F F C Dm C G Dm Am C F G i V7 VII VI VI III iv III i V7 VII VI VI III iv III VII iv i III VI VII
  8. I love this tool. And the User's Guide is worth studying as well.
  9. First, theory and rules are afterthoughts developed in an attempt to explain what rock-n-rollers just played ... There are several clues in the main chord progression. You could chart this in either key, but the changes appear more traditional when viewed as 'C Major'. The E chord is a major clue to me (pun). It is far more common to sub in the major version of a iii chord in a major key than it is to sub in a major version of a v chord in a minor key. I'm going with 'C Major' as the key
  10. hmmmmm ... my first wife must've been a memory ...
  11. I bought a '14 Studio Pro with my savings from 2014 (((c'mon, you know somebody was going to offer pictorial incentive)))
  12. Congrats on year one!! I passed the 3 year mark this past January 31st @ 10:00PM No cravings, although I *could* enjoy the shZt out of a 3' smoke while drinking a pot of black coffee and eating a pound of bacon cooked just right. I'll think I'll pass though. Experience tells me I can't just enjoy one once in a while. I'm really a smoker that hasn't had one for 3+ years when you get down to it.
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