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  1. Hi All New here, from lovely chilly London (but Australia originally). I'm a casual player and always wanted a Gibson, but somehow always put it off as I couldn't justify it for cost reasons. Still, over Christmas I got my dad a Epiphone Hummingbird, which was so nice that it got me thinking, maybe I'd get a Hummingbird for myself, but a Gibson. So I went online to research and after a lot, and I mean a lot of deliberation ended up with the Songwriter Deluxe. I had heard good things about the SWD and the price here in the UK was decent when ordering from Thomann in Germany (even if ordering a guitar off the internet made me a little nervous, but no worries in the end, the process went very smoothly and the guitar has a lovely tone straight out the box), couldn't be happier with how smoothly it all went. I wasn't sure if a hard case was included but thankfully it was. I ended up getting the Songwriter Deluxe Custom EC in Vintage Sunburst, mainly as I play up the fret board from time to time, plus the electro-acoustic nature of the guitar could come in useful from time to time and I'm always partial to some tasteful bling (I'm going to keep the guitar for decades so why not go extra for the Custom). Went the sunburst option as am quite fond of that look. All in all, I just love the guitar, I had also for a long while mulled over whether or not to get a J200, I think some variant of that will be my next guitar down the road to complement the SWD. Here are a few pics btw:
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