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    Intonation Issues

    Hey There, thanks for all your replies and useful information. today i bought some new strings and it changed the situation totally i think those strings where just too old and i have to pay more attention on this, buy new strings more regulary. i have plenty of space at the saddles now, except for one string but i dont mind because its intonated correctly. maybe i will try to exchange this single string till its perfect and then always buy the same set of strings. i did not know that strings really make such a great difference. bye zeh
  2. zeh

    Intonation Issues

    hey there, i use slightly heavier strings, .011s. i don't know. i will try to exchange the strings first with maybe more expensive ones. all strings except the e-string are still in good tune even if the strings are totally dead. when i tried the b-string on the e-string place, it worked quite fine. maybe i must use a heavier e-string. thanks for your help. also cleaning this high e-string didnt give any difference, i think this string is just dead. can it be some kind of overbended or so? cheers zeh
  3. zeh

    Intonation Issues

    hey guys, thanks for your fast reply. if i check intonation on the open string and the 12th fret, iam of course out of intonation. the note is like 1/4 tone above the octave. since all strings except for the high e-string are (more or less) right (12th fret is same tone like open string), i tried to exchange the high e-string with the b-string (since gauge is more heavy). when i do so, at least the flageolet is at the right place, also intonation gets a lot better. so, i think, maybe a set of new strings will fix this problem. imaginge the following scenario: i get new strings, ev
  4. Hi Forum, i have a vintage les paul custom from 1978, black beauty, but i think this problem is a general guitar issue. the problem is, that on the high e-string, the 2nd harmonic (12 fret flageolet) is not exactly over the 12th fret (half of the string lenght). its like 1cm or more away from the 12th fret. tune-o-matic is out of range (saddles already flipped to get more room). i had this problem before, then i got a new nut installed by a guitar tech, also a set of new strings. as i got the guitar back, it looked and sounded fine in the first days. also the saddles had like 3mm o
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