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  1. Still doesnt help :( when I press Cue it jusr seems louder in headphones:( Please help....
  2. Hi there i'm really really pissed off as I can't set up my stanton for a long time I even gave up on it. I can't get the fu**ing cue work. It either work with just headphones or only just on speakers I cant play it loud and preview music on headphones using cue it seems not to work or something... Mind that these are pc speakers using small jack. Please help me i've never been so annoyed in my life :c http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/197/ihb1.png http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/821/2t3.png
  3. How to set it up on Traktor though? Cause I've been trrying to sort it out for ages :c Im using Macbook Air do I need an external sound card or anything like that? Please help :xxxxxx
  4. Hope that will help! Will do this straight when I get back home from my music lesson! /edit It's all working now. Thanks bro you made my day!
  5. I really have no idea as I am proper newbie. What do you mean by that? /edit if that helps.
  6. Hi there I just bought Stanton DJC4 and decided to use Traktor 2.5 as I've been using with my other controller. I downloaded mapping I found on decks.co.uk everything seems to be working fine but not my effects software seems to recognise what am I doing but nothings changing. By nothing is changing I mean they simply don't work sound doesn't change what so ever. What should I do? It's really driving me insane. #edit I'm using Mac. help blz
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