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  1. Yeah, except for the poster says he wanted a fake guitar that did not say Gibson on it. He knew he was buying a fake guitar he’s just complaining that it says Gibson on it and he has to prove that it’s a fake. This guy is trolling you....
  2. Right. And if he switched the wires on the board and the problem remains with the same pup that would rule out a problem with the board and the switch. I’d replace the pup.
  3. That was nuts. I like my SG’s light. I would rather put up with some neck-dive than add weight or move the strap button YMMV.
  4. First, I recommend the Mojotone kits, I built their VibroChamp clone and bought a pre-wired 5e3 board from them. My 330 sounds good in low power Fender amps; 5f1 Champ, 5e3 Deluxe, VibroChamp. But I’ve also played it through a 50 watt JCM800 at rehearsal volume. They all sound good.
  5. Not so sure about that. I have purchased two new ES models in the last 12 months or so and they had no issues. YMMV
  6. That serial number has been on many fake Gibsons. My guess is that this guitar is a copy. Look closely, you can see issues even in this small pic. Google that serial number. Here’s a link to a member asking about a goldtop with the same number. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/64039-help-is-this-a-real-les-paul-standard/
  7. I thought that, too. But a maple body will never be the same color as a mahogany neck. I got used to it after a got a couple of them. You could always get a Pelham blue one or other solid color and never see the neck wood at all.
  8. Measure it yourself, from the center of the low E to the high e.
  9. My advice to the OP is to buy used, you will get more bang for your buck and lose less if you decide to sell it next year. CS models are generally better than USA models to me and I enjoy playing them more. It's worth it to me to pay a little more for them. But, my limit is in the $3000 range.
  10. cjsinla

    ES 335 Neck Pup

    I can't tell if the tone was improved on mine either. But I do adjust the poles sometimes and figured that it would better to have them closer to the strings. The poles are made so you can tailor your sound so it doesn't make any sense to mount them so far from the strings. It doesn't help with my OCD to have them slanted either.
  11. cjsinla

    ES 335 Neck Pup

    I guess that Eric and I must think alike
  12. cjsinla

    MHS Humbuckers

    Oh, you're talking to me! No, Wildwood calls that 'dark vintage natural '. It's a very thin nitro finish. BTW, it has a nylon nut too. Stays in tune very well.
  13. Those were hideous. I bet someone has some they don't want.
  14. If we're going to talk about the way they were traditionally made, I believe many Gibsons in the 50's were traditionally made with a nylon not. The new custom shop versions are coming with nylon nuts and they don't bind it all and the guitar stays in tune for days on end.
  15. I thought that the Traditional's came with 57/57+ classic pups.
  16. cjsinla

    ES 335 Neck Pup

    That's a good idea. For now I flipped it and it's actually more level than the factory setup. It's only tilted a little and the poles are now on the side that is closer to the strings. The body of my 335 slopes down towards the neck, the ring would have to have some bevel in order for the pup to be completely level.
  17. I just saw some new Jrs and Specials on the Wildwood site.
  18. And if it has Shaw pups, you know the pups were changed, too. What are those two switches down by the knobs?
  19. It probably stays in tune because your nut is cut right and doesn't bind.
  20. Not to hijack the thread: There's a guy here in LA who used to play with Tex and the Horseheads. He plays a Deluxe with minis and that is one of the best sounding LP's I've ever heard live in a bar.
  21. It sounds like you answered your own question, they can charge whatever they want. And as long as people buy them, they will continue to do it. Not trying to be a smart *** or anything. You are right though, I wouldn't pay $5000 or 6000 for a 74 reissue. I wouldn't spend $5000 or $6000 for 50's reissue for that matter.
  22. I just got a new 63 re-issue ES 335. I noticed that on the 335 the neck pick up does not sit parallel to the strings. Has anybody turned that pick up ring around? It would seem to me that if the pick up ring was mounted the other way the pick up would be more parallel to the strings. "]63 Block 335[/url]
  23. Wildwood has some stuff like that but this one is more vintage correct than the one you posted. https://wildwoodguitars.com/product/50072/limited-1963-es-335tdc-figured-vos-7/
  24. Dirtyfingers are high output, probably ceramic, 57's are regular output alnico 2 pups. It sure what you have in yours.
  25. cjsinla

    MHS Humbuckers

    I just got a 335 with the MHS pups, the Wildwood spec 1963 ES 335. It is my understanding that the Wildwood spec pick ups are under wound but I haven't checked them yet. However, I really like the sound of the MHS humbuckers. They have a sweet sound, lots of chime, and seem to cover a lot of tonal territory. Edited to add: I just checked my MHS pups and they read at 7.9 to 8.0 at the jack.
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