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  1. I'm becoming more and more frustrated with my 2011 Gibson J45. I posted a while ago about the nut being out of alignment and poorly cut (this was solved my my local Luthier replacing the nut, and doing a very good job of it) I now have another problem. When i plug my guitar into my amp, the output from the guitar stays the same, regardless of the volume control position. The battery is fine, the cable is the same as i use for my other guitars. I have emailed Gibson directly, but as yet (2 months) i have had no reply. Just wondered if anyone has had any similar problems with recent J
  2. Yeah, me! That clock just does not tick inside my head. I am a reasonable fingerpicker, but just cannot strum. Mike
  3. Hi Guys and Girls. My J45 (2011) has an intermittent issue with the inbuilt pre-amp. Every now and again it slips to full volume and the volume control inside the sound hole is ineffective. I unplug the lead and plug it in and all is ok. I have eliminated the lead and my Amp as they both work fine with other acoustic and electric guitars. Anybody got any thoughts? Mike
  4. You see this now raises a couple of concerns. I will agree that we like to make adjustments. I have adjusted the saddle and have replaced the bridge pins and strings from the ones which shipped with it. Gibson have made this easy for me. The nut, however is a different matter. It is glued in. So therefore I will assume it is in it's correct position. It should not move in transit because it is protected by a hardshell case which Gibson themselves say is the best protection for the guitar. Quite simply, the nut on my J45 has been poorly fitted. It is not a case of punishing Gi
  5. So why does my other acoustic guitar, made by another well respected USA company, not have this problem? Why do the other Gibson guitars i looked at in the shop, The SJ's TV's etc, with other nuts than Graphtec not have this problem. Why have several people, replying to this thread, had a similar experience? I'm not trying to make an issue, but i do agree with BigKahune, when i buy a product with a reputation for workmanship, i expect it to have just that, not to have to take it apart and rebuild it. The only thing i expect to have to do is change the strings to my preferred bran
  6. Well the guy i have taken it to has repaired a guitar for Bob Dylan, so i know he knows what he is doing, and yes this is my thinking exactly. I probably will write a letter to Gibson, maybe i will enclose the bill.
  7. I am the original owner, but am in UK. Shipping costs and time would far outweigh what i am paying to have it replaced.
  8. You see that nut looks aligned, by which I mean it sits flush with the fingerboard. The one i am having replaced is fitted 1 mm toward the high E, so it is outside the slot. Also it looks like it has been shaped, with smooth corners. Mine had sharp corners.
  9. I started a thread a month or so back (J45 Nut) in which i was talking about replacing the nut in my J45, the reason for me wanting to replace it was that i wasn't happy with the way the Graphtec nut was performing. Lots of people offered support, many of whom advised me to take it to a luthier. So today I did. He was quite astounded at the quality of the work done by Gibson. He pointed out that the nut was not aligned properly (something which i suspected) and it was shifted 1 mm towards the high E string. He also noticed that the slots cut in the nut were poorly cut and could lead
  10. If you see my post (J45 Nut) this is exactly what my problem is. I did use emery board to get rid of the sharp edges, but my nut looks identical to this. The strings are not a 'snug' fit as in my other guitar.
  11. Had it about 12 months or so, it is not very plain to see, but playing a barre F on the first fret causes problems. As you move up the neck the problem disappears. My other guitar plays perfectly at the first fret. When i bought it i asked for the action to be adjusted down and they did something with the nut, which seemed strange at the time. Mike
  12. Thanks for all those who have replied. I am going to take it to a luthier, i want the nut changed because of tone reasons and also i am not sure the nut, installed by Gibson, is right. (it seems to be misaligned and the B string is high) The shop i bought it from are not interested in sorting it out. I am fairly ok at doing some basic guitar repairs, but having read the post about buying nut files etc. I figured that it wont cost too much more to take it to the luthier. Mike
  13. I found the video on YouTube, and yes it does look very simple to remove the nut. Yes i will want to put one on afterwards so i probably will take it to the tech. Thanks for the replies. Mike
  14. I'm thinking of changing the nut on my J45 to a bone one. Before i attempt this task i want to know if the factory installed nut is glued in. If so i will have to take it to a local guitar technician, otherwise i will do it myself. Cheers for looking.
  15. What an interesting thread. Just going to put my 7 month old J45 next to my floor standers while i listen to Jim Morrison's American Prayer.
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